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Promote your Business with logoed BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free items

Concerned about the plastics you put your liquids and your promotional logo on being dangerous? With our extensive line of BPA-free and PETE food-safe plastics, there is no need to be worried. Purchase these recyclable plastic bottles and not only support environmentally sound practices, but promote your brand with a clear message that we care about our people and sponsors. No BPA (Bisphenol-A), no leaching, just a quality, re-usable earth friendly branding billboard.

While most thermoplastics can, in principle, be recycled, PET bottle recycling is more practical than many other plastic applications. PET has a resin identification code of 1. One of the uses for a recycled PET bottle is for the manufacture of polar fleece material. It can also make fiber for polyester products and recycled re-usable tote bags also found at IASpromotes.com. While the debate over BPA rages, we have thousands of bottles made without this substance, not just PETE plastic, so contact us for any help you may need finding just the right promotional container for your needs.

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