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Bill Litton is the Founder and Managing Director of IAS.

Bill started his entrepreneurial ventures early in life, forming a successful car detailing business tailored to the corporate and high-end residential market during his High School years. Crystal Clean Car Wash, as it was known, employed 4 people and contracted with many office buildings and private customers. This parlayed into a collegiate venture selling printed apparel to Fraternities, Sororities and other University Groups at The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

Upon graduation, he was offered the chance to be the first College hire ever to be placed directly into the Sherwin-Williams Chemical Coatings Sales group which deals with OEM factories across the country. Taking great experiences with him and incorporating elements of the Total Quality Management philosophy, Bill left Sherwin-Williams and started Independent Ad Specialties in 1993 needing to further feed that entrepreneurial spirit.

Bill Litton, Founder of Independent Ad SpecialtiesIndependent Ad Specialties, and its subsequent web properties (most notably IASpromotes.com), were created with "Better, Faster, Smarter" goals. That is, to provide the fastest, most responsive service possible in a clear, informative manner. To be as knowledgeable and informative as possible so that customers make the best purchasing decisions based on their stated branding objectives, not simply the 'cheapest' purchasing decisions. And lastly, to stand behind the products and services provided, all with the objective of forming meaningful, lasting "Promotional Partnerships."

Now, nearly 30 years later, Independent Ad Specialties (IASpromotes.com) has worked with the majority of the Fortune 100 firms, yet just as proudly, thousands and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, organizations, groups and events.

Bill's word is his bond, and he lives by that motto. At IAS, he ensures that everyone delivers on all aspects of a project. In his own words, "My goal is to make your experience as pleasant, expeditious and non-intrusive as possible. We want you to tell your associates and colleagues how professional Independent Ad Specialties / IASpromotes.com is and like a fine dining experience, repeat that every time. Your feedback is important to me, and I aim to be very accessible."

Bill can be contacted through email or toll free at 1-800-780-1962 xt. 204.