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Case Study: Custom Branded Toys for Youth Demographic

A beverage company was a few months away from unveiling a new healthy drink that they hoped to advertise primarily towards children. In order to attract attention and create excitement among their target market, they participated in a number of community events in their home city in the months prior to the product release.

They partook specifically in community events that were geared towards the whole family. The decide to focus a significant portion of their marketing resources on the city where their headquarters were, as they knew that they would already have a large following due to the proximity connection. They were interested in handing out custom-printed promotional items at these events that would attract children to their booth and would implant their brand in the children’s minds.


The company decided that the best approach to attract children, especially due to the fact that many of these children would be repeat attendees, would be to use a different promotional giveaway at each event. They wanted giveaways that would be used outdoors and that would encourage the children to partake in physical activity.

The beverage company was interested in ordering a variety of promo merchandise including bubbles, noisemakers, flying disks, balloons, hacky sacks, toy airplanes, and yo-yos. All of the personalized products were imprinted on one side with the company name and logo, and on the opposite side with the name of the new beverage and the tagline "coming this fall". Each customized product was distributed at a different community event throughout the summer. The children were encouraged to play with the products immediately and also take the toys home with them after the event.


When the new beverage was unveiled in the fall, the company hosted a month-long "soft-release" in their home city. Sales far exceeded projections and company expectations. In conjunction with a number of other marketing strategies, the company released the product nation-wide to very favorable sales results.

The beverage company credits the promotional activities and giveaways as a large factor in their wonderful hometown results. That regional notice helped gain them national exposure and made the nation-wide release more successful than it probably otherwise would have been.

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By Bill Litton