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An Introduction to Custom-Printed Promotional Sports Bottles: Our Eight Favorites

Custom imprinted sports bottles are one of the most popular promotional products throughout the history of promotional products. Apply your logo to sports bottle and watch as the advertising opportunities roll in. Screened sports bottles are great giveaways for athletic events, of course, but they are also effective advertising items for anyone who lives an even slightly active lifestyle.

Promo bottles are so popular because everyone gets thirsty and nearly everyone partakes in some rigorous activity from time to time when hydration is necessary. Everyone from casual walkers to professional bicyclists will utilize logoed ad specialty water bottles. Even children, always running and playing, will be delighted to sip from your custom-labeled sports bottle.

Sports bottles are also inherently eco-friendly, reducing waste and encouraging recycling. Distributing personalized water bottles at your next tradeshow or marketing event can help promote your company as earth-friendly and eco-conscious. Lose the Styrofoam and plastic cups! Reusable water bottles are the green promotional choice and your customers will respect your commitment to the environment.

Custom sports bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Each ad specialty bottle is uniquely manufactured and just waiting for your logo to be imprinted on it. We've picked our favorite eight promotional bottles out of the thousands we carry, to help introduce you to an array of water bottle options. We encourage you to look through our promotional sports bottle page and choose the custom bottle that is right for your advertising initiative, your company, and your logo!

  • Custom Imprinted Plastic Sports Bottle

    Ad Specialty Plastic Sports Bottle

    This promotional plastic bottle comes with a variety of colored tops, making it versatile and easily adaptable to match your logo and marketing color scheme. Fits snuggly into a bike's water bottle holder. Our favorite part is that this custom imprinted sports bottle is made right here in the USA! With free assembly and a low price point, this ad specialty bottle is sure to fit your budget as well.

  • Custom imprinted promotional Sports Bottle

    Collapsible Logoed Sports Bottle with Carabineer

    This unique custom bottle stands upright when full but rolls, folds, or flattens when empty. That makes this specialty water bottle great for hikes, travelling, or even the office - times when space can be limited and packing tightly is mandatory. If your clients are frequently on the move, they'll love this promotional giveaway. Even better, this customized bottle is made of PET, which is a recyclable synthetic material. Your logoed bottle is also guaranteed to stay stain and odor free.

  • Ad Specialty Aluminum Water Bottle

    Imprinted Aluminum Sports Bottle

    One can't forget the personalized promo aluminum water bottle. Aluminum bears a weight that implies confidence, determination, and endurance. Aluminum logoed bottles say "we're not cheap". When your clients or potential customers receive this ad specialty bottle, they're sure to have a lasting positive impression of your brand. Custom aluminum bottles have been accepted as the sports bottle of choice for a huge branch of consumers. With promotional products, sometimes the substrate truly makes all the difference.

  • Promo Imprinted Sports Bottle with Fruit Infuser

    Custom Labeled Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

    Yes, this custom imprinted sports bottle is made in the USA and yes, it is made of a recyclable PET body, but it's the integrated fruit infuser that will catch the eye of every passerby. As we all know, at tradeshows and major advertising events your entire marketing campaign hinges on being eye-catching. You can rely on this promotional water bottle to do the trick! No more asking "would you like lemon with your water?" . . . No thanks; I've already got some!

  • Custom imprinted Extendable Water Bottle

    Fun Extendable Promo Water Bottle

    Uniquely shaped promotional products are always great for ensuring notice at trade shows or other marketing events. These customized water bottles are certainly uniquely shaped! Potential clients will flock to your booth when they see these fun promotional bottles awaiting them. These personalized sports bottles function wonderfully as promotional gifts as well. We find that all clients love their size versatility and the playful design of these ad specialty bottles.

  • Personalized Etched Glass Water Bottle

    Elegant Glass Promotional Water Bottle

    This promotional bottle is made of glass! Many people underestimate the power of logoed glass bottles. They're elegant. They remind us of the warmth of home and early morning milk deliveries. They remind us of the French water carafes in that café on the Seine where we first fell in love. These deep-etched or screen printed custom water bottles are guaranteed to have an incredible impression on your clients. And these ad specialty bottles are made in the United States of America! Call on this customized water bottle when your business meeting demands a promotional gift that is truly impressive.

  • Custom imprinted promo Sports Bottle with Purifier

    NKD Pod+ Filter Bottle

    Unfortunately, in certain places water quality is an issue. With this promotional sports bottle, water quality will become one less thing your clients have to worry about. While other bottle filtration systems may be effective in purification, they still suffer from the fact that, like sourced bottled water, the tap water is clean but ‘dead’ water. Nkd Pod+ filter takes ordinary water, cleans it, reconditions it, and supercharges it as you drink, taking it way beyond all other bottle filtered waters.

  • High tech customized Shaker Bottle

    20 oz. Tritan Shaker Bottle - Drink-Thru Lid

    This customized 20 ounce Shaker Bottle with Mixing Ball and Snap Lid. Straight-wall design, ergonomic finger grip. Promote a healthy lifestyle with this bottle with shake ball that comes in a great selection of colors! Molded with Dishwasher-safe, BPA Free Tritan. This ad specialty logoed water bottle is sure to create a favorable image for your business and keep your clients returning.