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Case Study: Imprinted Sales Incentives Spark Orders of Travel Publication

A travel publication company was planning a promotional giveaway. They wanted to offer sales incentives in order to increase purchases of certain publications. If a customer ordered more than the specified amount of the publications, he or she would be offered a free imprinted gift to accompany his or her purchase.


The publication company originally began their search believing that they wanted a promotional item with a fairly low price point. Many companies have a similar initial guideline for logoed giveaways. This publication company also wanted to find an item that related to travel, and that had a high enough perceived-value so that customers would actually be incentivized to make the purchases that the publication desired.

While browsing through the selection of customized products, the company discovered a retro vinyl flight bag that they fell in love with. The imprinted bag fit the company's aesthetic and had the necessary high perceived-value. However, the specialty travel bags were at a slightly higher price point than the company had originally been searching for.

The travel company decided that they believed so strongly in the power of these promotional bags that they were willing to commit more of their advertising capital to these ad specialty items. IASpromotes.com always encourages customers to choose the right promotional product over a less expensive item that will not be as effective. Imprinted merchandise creates the image of your company. That is never worth sacrificing if your company has the budget and resources available.


The travel company ordered 700 of the screen-printed retro flight bags. They were distributed, as planned, as sales incentives. The promotional ad campaign saw incredible success. Within the year their entire order had been distributed. And the publication heard only positive feedback about the marketing campaign and the custom-printed gifts.

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