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Case Study: Custom Printed Journals for MacWorld Tradeshow

A technology company, ZeoBit was participating in the MacWorld convention in San Francisco. They were in need of promotional giveaways that could be handed out to convention attendants in order to advertise their product, MacKeeper.

The company was looking for an eco-friendly product that could be used during the convention. The idea was that the more attendants utilizing their product during the convention, the more exposure their brand would garner. They decided on recycled journals, each imprinted with a MacKeeper image.


When it comes to promotional giveaways, it is always a smart idea to include everything necessary in a single package. Specialty advertising is always most effective when nothing is left to chance. Thinking of this advice, the company chose journals that also contained pens. This way, there was no barrier keeping the attendants from using their promotional products. This strategy guarantees an increase in marketing potential.

Both the journals and the pens were imprinted with the MacKeeper image, as well as pertinent contact information, including their name, website, and email address. The promotional journals were entirely constructed from recycled material and were 100% recyclable.

recycled journal


Zeobit ordered 1500 journals; all of the promotional merchandise was distributed by the end of the conference. In the months following Zeobit saw an influx in MacKeeper orders and they credited their work, paired with the promotional items, at the convention as an integral factor in the increased sales. A number of attendants thanked Zeobit personnel for providing giveaways they could actually use.

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