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Promotional Gifts and Giveaways for Travel Agents

When promoting your business, for travel agents the sky really is the limit! You're responsible for the travel plans of your clients, so utilizing travel-themed promotional products is a given. Some of the classic customized items are tried and true and proven to create frequent traffic and high quality advertisement. Other promotional products may be less expected; their uniqueness takes advantage of marketing opportunities that have perhaps been untapped before now. On the following list you'll find promo giveaways of both sorts, so you can choose which personalized gifts match your style, message, and brand best.

When your clients fly away on business or on exotic vacations, make sure they remember, both while on their trip and when they return home, who booked their travels. Promotional products keep your business on your customers' minds, which, of course, creates repeat and loyal customers. When your business is on their minds, they are also likely to recommend you to other travelers. A positive business experience leaves your customers wanting to sell you to new customers. Promo items can help create that positive experience everyone is looking for.

Customized giveaways are also great opportunities to attract new customers. Participating in tradeshows, expos, and community events can attract notice for your business and direct potential clients to your website and other informational sources. Promotional products are vehicles for all your important information. They also help attract potential customers to your booth or table, allowing you the opportunity to verbally sell your business and services.

However, promotional products are best for one thing: through these imprinted items, you can show what a kind, hardworking, loyal, and thoughtful travel agent you will be. Promotional giveaways do more than just sell your business. They sell you! And for travel agents, selling yourself to potential clients is sometimes the most important aspect. Choosing the right promotional product, say a sewing kit that turns out to be a lifesaver in the middle of the airport, makes you the lifesaver. And that feeling translates directly to high business and more loyal customers. So be sure to choose the custom imprinted products that represent you exactly as you are. Potential clients are adept at picking up these clues from customized promos.

Custom Imprinted Airplane Model If you are advertising at a tradeshow, expo, or other marketing event, no other promotional product will more quickly identify your booth as that of a travel agent. Imprinted with your message, this logoed penny paper airplane will put air travel on your potential clients' minds. Fun and unique, these customized airplanes are sure to attract notice and bring clients over in droves!
Ad Specialty Tooth Brush Case Show your clients how caring you are by including this personalized toothbrush with case along with every business interaction. Nothing shows your customers that you're here to protect their best interests than by protecting their toothbrushes! Small and useful, this is the perfect traveling promotional item. Even better, this specialty item guarantees that your clients will be thinking of you, who booked their trip, the whole trip.
Logoed Promo airplane Magnet Great for airline companies and travel agencies to advertise new travel deals, this large airplane shaped stress reliever helps to send stress packing. Custom-branded airplane stress relievers are high value promo items, advertising your business everyday in locations that receive a lot of traffic.
Customized Promotional Sewing Kit and Mirror Two extremely important customized products for traveling in one small package! Nobody plans for it, but there comes that emergency moment for all frequent travelers when they need to stitch the rip in the only suit coat they brought. Be sure that your business is there to save the day with this printed sewing kit. The kit also comes with a mirror, helpful for sewing and just quick checks of one's appearance. Your customers will value this promo product, and therefore, value you even more!
Imprinted Specialty Luggage Tag These custom-labeled bag tags will advertise your business the whole way through the airport. Your customers will love them for their usefulness, and you will love them for their incredible marketing power. Sometimes the simplest promotional products are the most effective. And both you and your clients will be ecstatic when this imprinted luggage tag helps to retrieve a lost bag.
Ad Specialty Postcard You can customize these full-color postcard magnets with any promotional image and message you desire! These make for unique travel agent promotional giveaways. Distribute them to travelers, and ensure that they write to their friends and loved ones while they are away. Even better, every postcard sent is a traveling advertisement for your business! Everyone wins with these incredible promo items.
Logoed Screened Passport Case Sometimes the best promotional products are the ones the fit the business to a tee. This logoed passport case does just that. There is nothing more emblematic of travel than a passport. Therefore, these promotional products are great for advertising your brand to new customers. The purpose of your business will never be hazy to potential clients with these custom-imprinted ad specialties.
Customized Roll-Up Water Bottle In our opinion, this is the most genius travel promo product out there. We're all sick of buying expensive water at airports but we don't have room in our luggage for a cumbersome bottle. This imprinted collapsible water bottle folds up when empty! Therefore, it can be tucked away and filled once past security. If we love this promo item so much, your clients are sure to appreciate it even more! This ad specialty is just a small way for you to show how well you know the ins and outs of travelling.
Specialty Imprinted LED Reading Light For most people, travelling, whether for business or pleasure, always includes bringing a book. Reading on the airplane, in transit, or at the hotel is extremely popular. That's why this twist-it USB LED reading light will be so popular as well! This customized marketing item is another way to show your customers that you pay attention to the little details of traveling just as much as the big details.
Custom-Labeled 4-Color Mouse Pad For business travelers, this customized 4-color mouse pad is an incredible advertising giveaway. If your clients squeeze some valuable work time out of the time on the airplane, this custom mouse pad will be an incredibly helpful promotional gift. The 4-color sublimation imprint allows you to create an image that markets your business perfectly while helping your clients!