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Branding Ideas for Parks and Campgrounds

Ensuring that your guests have a safe and enjoyable time at your campground or park are the primary goals of any such establishment. From a marketing perspective, of course, the goal is to keep guests returning season after season. Luckily, those two aims go hand in hand! Guests are more likely to return to campgrounds where they felt welcomed, appreciated, as well as safe and relaxed.

A little well-timed and placed advertising comes in handy for guaranteeing return visitors, as well. We have wonderful news! Customized promotional products will not only advertise your campground or park but can also make guests' stays into the vacation or getaway they always dreamed of! Whether you have a few handy items stocked in case guests forgot a necessary article at home, or you present your imprinted gifts to guests when they register their sites, your campers will appreciate your forethought and are sure to put those promotional items to good use.

Logoed products can also be utilized in direct mail campaigns to remind past clients at the beginning of each season that they should be sure to stop by and pay you another visit. Or if custom-printed items are distributed directly on your campground, your logo's marketing power will work wonders for your park all year long. These promotional items are not only advertising agents but are also useful camping products. That way, your logo advertises your site, while your guests have a safer and more enjoyable stay at your campground!

Browse through the products below and choose which would be right for your campground. Are you more family focused or are most of your guests hiking in for a true wilderness experience? Are your guests primarily amateur or experienced campers? Is the goal of your campground to relax or to get in the thick of nature and really get your hands dirty? Depending on your answers to these questions, different promotional products will be more appealing. All of our suggestions make wonderful ad specialties for marketing your campground or park!

Custom Imprinted Tooth Flashlight For late nights after the campfire has sizzled out, make sure that your guests don't get lost in the dark! This imprinted flashlight is sure to illuminate any dim path, cooler, or tent. Great if your guests need a midnight snack or want to read before dozing off. Even better, this customized flashlight comes in handy in all sorts of circumstances, so your guests are sure to employ your logoed product even after they leave your site!
Ad Specialty Towel This silkscreened microfiber towel is a wonderful promotional item to keep handy at the lodge or ranger's cabin. Somehow, the towel seems to be the item that is always forgotten back home. Whether your campground has a lake or pool to splash in, make sure your guests are able to dry off after a fun afternoon in the water. This imprinted towel is, of course, also handy for drying off from a shower after a long day venturing through the woods.
Logoed Knife Campers are always surprised how often a knife comes in handy on their adventures. Whether for cutting food, cutting rope, or whittling the perfect stick to roast marshmallows, this customized knife is sure to come in handy. Whether your campers are novices or highly experienced, this knife is sure to be used on any camping trip. Even with its lockback safety system, use caution and be sure only adults use this knife.
Customized Oval Cooler For family camping trips, this is the perfect promotional item to guarantee that everyone has a great time and no one goes hungry! Imprinted with your logo, this promotional cooler will advertise your campground while keeping all the staples cool until dinnertime. When the whole family piles in the car, it seems like the food just piles up! Help keep everything cold by providing your guests with this cooler as a promo welcome gift.
Laser Printed Hiking Kit This laser engraved hiking set is sure to make an incredible positive impression on campers and hikers at your campground. With its high quality appearance and high functionality, this is a promotional product that your guests will hold on to for the rest of their lives. The imprinted hiking set includes a camping tool, a pocketknife, and a compass. In other words, this custom kit has everything you need for a successful day out for a hike!
Ad Specialty Camping Chair Many campers are just looking for an escape into nature as a means to spend some time completely relaxing. At the heart of relaxation is comfort. This ThermaPrint logoed chair is sure to provide the maximum comfort so your campers can find complete relaxation! Weather-resistant and packed in a carrying case for easy transportation, your guests won't have to waste a second worrying about the condition of this camping chair.
Logoed Lantern Even under the bountiful stars, this world gets extremely dark out in the wilderness after sunset. This personalized lantern and wireless speaker Bring along a touch of home when you're camping or having fun outdoors with this combination COB-powered lantern and wireless speaker.
Customized Binoculars Does your campground sit atop an incredible ravine, a gorgeous gorge, or an impressive mountaintop? Or do trails lead to breathtaking bird watching or other animal activity? Guarantee that your campers have the best view with these screen-printed binoculars. With their stylish carrying pouch and small size, these logoed binoculars fit snuggly into any hiker's daypack. With these binoculars, it won't only be the view that impresses hikers!
Specialty Camping Kit This customized multi-function camping tool includes everything one needs to handle food preparation and consumption while staying at your campground. Packed with a knife, fork, spoon, corkscrew, and bottle opener, this multi-tool will be more than enough to ensure that every guest enjoys his or her time back to nature. Packed in a carrying case with belt loop, this tool will be right there when your camper needs it!
Custom-Labeled Promo First Aid Kit Safety is the primary goal of every camper and hiker. As a campground or park, you obviously take safety precautions seriously. Advertise your park and your commitment to safety with Watertight Dry Bags. Carry your cellphone with confidence while camping or to the beach or pool in this uniquely designed bag. This two liter 1" x 11" x 11" 300 Denier heathered polyester bag has a clear PVC lining that lets you use your phone while securely inside. Simply roll down the top of the bag and buckle the ends together to create a watertight seal. Add your organizational or company logo, emblem or message to customize. These bags are a great way to serve up the swag at your next promotion with the bag itself as the ultimate branded souvenir!