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Specialty Printed Giveaways for Community Events

They say that face-to-face interactions are always more likely to create sales. Many businesses spend a lot of time wondering how exactly to create for themselves the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with potential customers. Community events are a gift from the marketing deities! These events give your business the opportunity to set up a stand or booth and interact with hundreds of people who may never have stepped foot in your storefront or corporate headquarters. Each person you meet at a community event is a potential customer and each interaction you have creates an invaluable personal connection with each individual.

Because community events are open to, as the name suggests, the community, they create an incredible marketing atmosphere. People from every demographic arrive, just waiting to be catered to and impressed. Community events, therefore, give you access to demographics that you may have previously found difficult to reach. These events also allow you to advertise your business with nontraditional efforts. You have the freedom to use advertisement methods and imagery that you may have previously felt irrelevant or inaccessible to your company. The goal, here, is to appeal to the masses, not to impress niche consumers.

But best of all, participating in community events does wonders for your business' image. Consumers value companies that they can imagine as real people. Community events allow you to put a face with your name and logo. They also allow you to build your image of compassion, philanthropy, and goodwill. When you care for your community, they will care for you! There's no better place than a community event to show how much your truly care.

Now the only question is: how do I take advantage of these incredible marketing opportunities? Lucky for you, the answer is easy! Success at community events relies on one single factor. . . getting people to come to your booth. Imprinted giveaways make this task simple for you. Because all humans are enticed by promotional gifts. Distribute an appealing logoed item at your booth and we guarantee that potential customers will flock to your stand. That's when you develop a conversation, build a relationship, and sell your business. And don't forget to hand out the promotional products! Customized giveaways attract the customers, and then making the pitch is the easy part!

In the spirit of community events, we recommend fun promotional items. Your personalized gift should help attendees enjoy the event. This strategy also guarantees that your promo products will advertise your booth and your brand to all the other guests at the community event! Below we've picked some of our favorite community event promotional giveaways. You'll be amazed how well these imprinted items build a dialogue with potential customers, and that dialogue can be the foundation that creates a lifetime of sales!

Custom Imprinted Backpack If, for the attendees, the goal of a community event is to have a fun experience and earn a lot of swag, then be the business that gives your guests a place to store all their loot! Lightweight, this customized drawstring polyester sport bag will be perfect for amassing promotional giveaways. But yours will be the logo that receives attention all day long! And your customers will be amazed how frequently this sports bag comes in handy. Soon enough, they'll be advertising your business every day!
Ad Specialty Jelly Bean Pouch Who wants a treat? No one can resist something sweet to nibble on! This large goody bag with full color imprint should be the perfect size to satisfy any sweet tooth! And the high impact label does wonders for advertising your your business, because full color imprints attract more attention than any other printing method. And talk about brand loyalty. . . attendees will be coming back to your stand three and four times to get more of these delicious assorted jelly beans!
Logoed Bubbles Three ounces of bubbles guarantees fun for the whole family all afternoon! While the kids run around blowing bubbles, your logo, business name, and tagline will be selling your business all across the community event! And because this imprinted Bubble Bottle features a break-away lanyard, the bottle will never be lost. That means that your logo and pertinent information will definitely make it back to the house, for a lifetime of advertisement.
Imprinted Wrist Band Attract attention to your business with these brightly colored custom-labeled wristbands. Such a simple promotional product, yet there is no better way to ensure lasting advertisement for your marketing message. These imprinted wristbands build a collective spirit, increase brand loyalty, and support a cause, team, or occasion perfectly. Did we mention that they're so fashionable absolutely no one can resist?
Face Mask The new normal in well attended outings and the Best Protection Is To Maintain Physical Distance, Wash Hands Regularly, Avoid Touching Your Face And Wear A Mask Or Shield When In Public with these Branded Face Masks! Keeping your attendees protected and safe means keeping them happy, and all any business wants is to keep their customers happy. With one product you can create appreciative clients, and customers are always loyal to a business they appreciate!
Ad Specialty Vinyl Play Ball Get your ad campaign rolling! These promotional vinyl play balls guarantee a fun and exciting time, especially for the little ones running around your community event. For you, they mean high quality brand exposure. That's a win/win arrangement for everyone! Available in five bright colors, it will truly be impossible for your logo and business name to go unnoticed. Watch as parents run to your stand to grab one for their children!
Logoed Bike Safety Light How many guests will be biking to this community event? Chances are a lot of them will be. Community events and biking always seem to go hand in hand. Support bike safety with this silkscreened LED light! Show how much you care for your customers by distributing imprinted bike lights. Showing compassion always creates loyal customers. It's also nice to know that your logo will be traveling all around town, attracting notice from infinite potential customers!
Customized Can Coolers Will any beverages be served at this community event? Our guess is that the odds are high. Wrap your logo and tagline around those beverages with these custom-printed collapsible can coolers, keeping your customers' beverages cold while also selling your brand all over the event! And, of course, these specialty can coolers are reusable, so they're sure to make appearances at the beach, BBQs, and hundreds of other gatherings!
Specialty Sidewalk Chalk What is the single most iconographic imagery of community events? Chalk drawings covering the street and sidewalks! Be sure that your business is the one that supports the most classic of activities by keeping these ad specialty boxes of sidewalk chalk stocked at your stand. Kids and adults alike love chalk drawing! Get the whole family interested in your business by providing an event that the whole family will love.