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Great Promotional Products for Company Picnics

Nothing brings the whole team together like a good old-fashioned company picnic! Fire up the barbecue or opt for a potluck, either way company picnics help to rejuvenate the spirit and build the team mentality. The best businesses work AND play together. Host a get-together for your staff at the park or the beach, even call up some of your favorite local clients, and watch as the group bonds. A group of coworkers who are close to each other always have a high productivity and a strong work ethic.

There's no better way to take advantage of a beautiful spring evening or a crisp fall afternoon than by hosting a company picnic! Everyone knows there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing with a little food and a little drink. Your staff and clients will appreciate your generosity and will be inspired to work harder for you.

You can't host a company picnic with out distributing a few custom imprinted promotional giveaways. Nothing solidifies the team like matching screened or embroidered ad specialty items. These promo products help to inspire unity and create a feeling of acceptance and team spirit. Of course, if you've invited clients as well, these personalized products will do wonders for advertising your brand!

Customized gifts help say "thank you" or "we appreciate you" to your team members. These specialty giveaways show that you value your staff and all of their hard work. Customized staff gifts are sure to boost moral and prove that you notice all the great work your team does for the company. Not to mention, these imprinted logoed products are incredible marketing merchandise!

To help you plan your company picnic and take full advantage of customized promotional products, we've compiled a guide of our favorite imprinted items. Pick and choose what will be most effective for your company and your promotional message.

First things first, you have to make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately! Nothing spoils fun in the sun worse than having the light shining in your eyes all day. When your staff members arrive, consider distributing logoed baseball caps or imprinted sunglasses. These specialty items create a feeling of unity and pride among staff members, and the day is always more enjoyable when you're armed with the appropriate protective gear.

Custom Logo Promotional Baseball Cap Custom Imprinted Promotional Sunglasses

Next, the food! First, light up the grill with a custom-Electric fire lighter. When your staff takes notice, impress them by handing one of these specialty lighters out to each employee! Or, at the head of the buffet line, provide customized can coolers and promo plates No more boring paper plates that just get thrown away anyhow. These specialty printed plates promote your company while feeding your employees! Logoed food accessories are a great way to promote your brand's image and maintain high traffic recognition.

Personalized Promotional Grill Lighter Custom Imprinted Promotional Can Cooler Custom Imprinted Promotional Plates

After everyone has their food, there's nothing better than unrolling the picnic blanket and relaxing with dinner. Your staff will be impressed when you tell them that they can each take their personalized blankets home at the end of the evening. These imprinted picnics blankets are sure to be used frequently and create incredible brand awareness!

Promo Ad Specialty Picnic Blanket

To entertain your guests, be sure to provide some fun promotional items. Nothing is more emblematic of a company picnic than your staff tossing around a customized baseball or football. Your team members will be exuberant as your logo soars through the air! And who says that only children can play with bubbles? Your staff will love these imprinted bubbles. But, it's true; their children will probably love them even more!

Customized Ad Specialty Baseball Promomotional Ad Specialty Football Specialty Imprinted Bubbles

At the end of the company picnic, consider distributing a farewell and thanks-for-coming promotional gift. We highly recommend an ad specialty cooler as a customized giveaway. The imprinted cooler will remind your staff of the company picnic and will promote your company on many picnics in the future!

Customized Ad Specialty Picnic Cooler
By Bill Litton