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Promotional Gifts and Giveaways for Dentists

The nature of dental hygiene is unique and incredible for promotional advertising, because everyone is concerned about their teeth, because we have to go to the dentist twice a year, and because of the high volume of patients, dentists have huge potential for advertising exposure. Of course, in any given city there are a number of dentists, which can create fierce competition. You know that your patients need to return to a dentist in six months; the task is to ensure that they come back to you. Of course, excellent care, personality, compassion, and skill are the most important factors. But what often separates the best from the rest is expert use of promotional advertising.

Choosing your promotional products carefully and utilizing your marketing budget most effectively is of the utmost importance in the dental world. When considering customized ad specialty items you must consider your market, your goal, and your situation. Are you attending a conference, a tradeshow, or an expo? Are you participating in a community event? Or are you distributing promotional products at the end of appointments? And who is your target market? Adults or children? New customers or return patients? Different promotional products will be effective depending on how you answered these questions.

In the world of promotional products, not many professions are as lucky as dentists. Dentists are of the select few whose advertising can appeal to children or adults. Often, marketing toward children can earn more customers for dentists than any other advertising strategy. This allows dentists the creativity to work with more serious ad specialties for the adults, but also the creative promo items that appeal to the kids. Children always want to return to the fun dentist with the cool custom gifts.

Adults, however, may be more impressed with promotional products that are useful. Specialty logoed items that help with day-to-day life keep your practice on your patients' minds while also creating an image of compassion and helpfulness for your business.

So whatever your event, your target market, or your purpose, on this page of dental advertising recommendations you'll be sure to find a promotional imprinted that suits your marketing initiative.

Custom Imprinted Tooth Paste Squeezer Full color imprints make an incredible impression! Combine that with the fact that this promo tooth paste squeezer helps alleviate that annoying task of getting the toothpaste out of the tube, and your clients are sure to be awed by this promotional item. Because we brush our teeth daily, this customized product ensures repeated brand exposure and constant advertising. Now that's valuable marketing!
Ad Specialty Floss Dispenser This is the personalized dental floss dispenser your patients have been waiting for! On the go and you know something's in your teeth? Don't worry! This discrete dispenser includes a mirror for quick and efficient flossing. That's right, your patients will actually be excited to floss! And that will make you excited to know they're your patients.
Logoed Dental Coloring Book This fun ad specialty coloring book inspires kids to be excited about oral hygiene. Help spark creativity and encourage healthy dental habits from a young age. Parents will appreciate this thoughtful customized giveaway, and you'll appreciate the way this promo product guarantees return patients! This custom coloring book includes games, activities, and most importantly, your logo. It's Tooth Time!
Customized Tooth Stress Reliever Who doesn't have a stress ball sitting on their desk? Make sure the stress balls on your clients' desks are these tooth-shaped custom-labeled stress relievers and sit back as your business gains advertising exposure all day long! Imprinted stress balls are great promotional giveaways at tradeshows, expos, and community events when you're looking to capture the business demographic.
Imprinted Tooth Brush Case It's funny how it seems like whenever it's time to travel, your toothbrush case has always disappeared. Ensure that it's your practice that saves the day by distributing these custom-printed ad specialty cases. There's no better way to show that you care about protecting your patients' teeth than by protecting their toothbrushes.
Ad Specialty Tooth Magnet Clip Do your patients ever forget that they scheduled an appointment months ago? They won't forget anymore! This tooth-shaped magnetic clip will advertise your business while holding their "save the date" for their next appointment! Distribute these custom-imprinted magnets at your next marketing event to take advantage of the valuable in-home advertising space that is the fridge.
Logoed Teeth Chatterer Toy Be sure that your younger patients go home chattering about how great their trip to the dentist's office was! These imprinted chattering teeth are sure to draw attention for your business while also reminding your patients to keep their teeth on their minds. These custom promotional products are a fun way to keep your patients playing and your logo advertising.
Customized Promotional Dental Pencil These dental-themed promotional ideas come in many styles and functions. Here are some more ideas to get the creative juices flowing.
Custom-Labeled Promo Toothpick Case Logoed specialty toothpick cases are excellent for high-traffic advertising. Your patients will carry this imprinted case in their purses or pockets, utilizing your promotional items after every meal. Your patients can show off their beautiful smiles knowing there's no food debris lodged between their teeth. Not to mention that these customized giveaways stimulate gums and help fight gingivitis!