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Marketing Merchandise For the Film Industry

If you're in the movie biz, you probably have a pretty good understanding of the power of capturing an audience's attention. So whether you're promoting a film or a movie theater, imprinted items absolutely must be an integral part of your marketing campaign. Because nothing captures attention like logoed gifts!

With so many options to choose from in the film industry these days, customers must be encouraged to partake in your cinematic experience. Customers tend to respond positively to movies and movie theaters with which they are familiar. Promotional products are the most effective advertising strategy for introducing potential customers to your business name or for building brand and product recognition.

Of course, there is no customer like a repeat customer! Promotional gifts show your appreciation for customer attendance and ensure return clientele. Customers tend to return to cinemas where they feel comfortable, appreciated, and valued. Clients want to know that your movie theater's goal is to provide them with the most enjoyable experience possible. Imprinted giveaways help show your desire to please. Promotional products also insert your logo and business name into your customers' homes and businesses, which means that you will constantly be at the fore of their minds.

Perhaps you're worried that boring old promotional products won't do justice to the excitement of your movie. Or maybe you're uninterested in suggesting to your customers that they post on their refrigerators a cliché magnet emblazoned with your logo and pertinent information. We understand! But promotional products can be so much more than mere carriers of your business name. Film-themed imprinted merchandise sells your theater or movie while also maintaining a lively connection to your industry. With customized products that are relevant to your business, you gain useful advertising while impressing your customers with fun and enticing imprinted giveaways.

For example, this Custom branded candy box Take a trip to the movies with a cinematic advertising opportunity that takes aim at their sweet tooth. This 6" L x 2 3/4" H x 1 1/8" W die cut custom theater-style box will feature your organization's name, logo and message, and comes packed with the classic favorite, gummy bears. And, since this is a non-melt product, you can include this promo at more events and occasions. Capture the fun nostalgia of the moviegoer experience. And for your clients whom are also readers, try this foil-stamped bookmark, printed with a clever spin on the classic saying. Nothing shows your fun side more than by making a joke while also selling your business. Speaking of lighthearted promotional items, consider this 4 color process travel tissue dispenser. If your film is a tearjerker, these tissues are sure to come in handy! Even if not, this imprinted product promises to advertise your business incredibly!

Custom candy box ilm bookmark Television Tissue Box

But truthfully, when dreaming of a life in the film world, what does anyone desire more than to be the director? Well, with customized gifts and giveaways you have the power to make your customers' dreams come true! Whether you choose to distribute decaled director's megaphones, silkscreened director's chairs, or personalized Blues Brothers' sunglasses, your customers are guaranteed to appreciate the opportunity to feel like they're behind the scenes. These are sure to make an impact on customers, which means they will recall your movie or movie theater fondly day after day!

Customized Director's Megaphone Imprinted Director's Chairs Promo Blues Brothers' Sunglasses

Maybe your marketing items quest is simpler, though. Have you just been wondering: how do I connect film with my advertising giveaways campaign? If so, there are plenty of promotional gifts that take advantage of the imagery and items of the film industry in order to promote your movie theater or major motion picture!

If you're looking to attract particularly to a business crowd, you may be interested in this imprinted film reel stress reliever. Stress relievers are a staple on every desk; make sure that yours is the one in all of your customers' workspaces! Logoed filmstrip frames make your customers the stars of the show! With this frame, while they remember the climactic moments of their lives, they'll think fondly on the movie theater that was beside them through each and every era! But if you want your logo and business name to literally be with your customers and business partners every step of the way, then these custom-promotional movie themed ideas might be the promo giveaway for you.

Promotional Film Reel Stress Reliever Film Strip Picture Frame Custom Super 8 Key Chain

If you have any questions or would like advice on your next promotional initiative, please call us at 1-800-780-1962 to speak with one of our promotional professionals.