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5 Unusual Custom Printed Flashlight Designs

After years, some promotional items begin to feel less novel than when they first exploded onto the ad specialty market. Although these promotional products are only so popular because they provide particularly high quality advertisement, perhaps you still resist these customized items because you feel that they are just too expected.

Promotional imprinted flashlights are incredible marketing specialties because they perform not only as advertisement merchandise, but also as useful tools in the home, the car, and the workplace. The best promotional products serve a purpose beyond simply advertising your brand and providing a substrate for your logo. Customers return over and over again to personalized products that help them in their daily lives. In doing so, they return again and again to your logo, tagline, and brand name. Because of your promotional giveaway, your company begins to feel like a helpful guest in their lives, and therefore, when your clients need to do business you are already foremost in their minds.

However, if you are weary of ad specialty flashlights, perhaps unique and exciting twists to the classic custom flashlight could encourage you to give these promotional gifts another consideration. These ramped-up promo flashlights retain that high level of usefulness of other custom-labeled flashlights, that high quality of advertising, but also provide a high value twist.

All of these customized promotional flashlights are tailored to specific situations and people, making them even more useful and branding your company like never before. These unique specialty products are also guaranteed to attract a new level of notice at tradeshows and other promotional events. Potential customers will clamor to see what personalized ad specialty products are waiting at your booth.

Custom imprinted finger flashlight

Ad Specialty Finger Flashlight

Get the party started with these promotional finger flashlights. These customized flashlights fasten around the fingertip, illuminating whatever you touch. LED finger lights can be useful for people working in tight crevices, for children’s parties or other youth activities, or can provide a new approach to the old night-light. All the while, these specialty imprinted promotional products will be shining a new light on your logo and company name.

Promotional Imprinted Bike Flashlight

Custom Logoed Bicycle Light

Safety first! Bicycling is becoming more popular by the hour, both for commuting and for exercise. Whether your clients are sporting enthusiasts or simply enjoy a leisurely ride now and again, they are sure to find this ad specialty bike light useful. Take advantage of this trend and distribute customized bike lights at your next marketing event. Customers feel safe in the care of companies that encourage safety.

Custom promo Flashlight Umbrella

Imprinted Umbrella/Flashlight Combo

Keep your clients safe and dry with this rain or shine umbrella! This umbrella features 6 LED lights in the handle - with four lights for use as a flashlight and 2 red for emergency flashing. This is the ideal promotional item for college students or employees who leave their jobs late at night!

Personalized Promotional Safety Flashlight

Custom-Labeled Safety Flashlight

This custom flashlight provides everything you need for an auto emergency. We all pray that nothing unfortunate ever happens to any of our clients, but if one were to find him or her self in a difficult situation in the car, be there to help out. This safety flashlight includes a seat-belt cutter, a window hammer, and a LED flashing beacon. Like your business, this promo flashlight will help provide peace of mind.

Ecofriendly Imprinted Carabineer Flashlight

Environmentally-Friendly Carabineer Flashlight

The next generation ad specialty flashlight! This eco-friendly imprinted carabineer clip light is solar powered. Let your logo radiate as this light charges through outdoor and indoor light. Harass the power of the sun for your next promotional campaign and watch your clients' faces light up with enthusiasm. Being environmentally friendly has never looked this good.

By Bill Litton