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Promotional Advertising for Hotels and Resorts

Great hotels aren't just places to sleep for a night; they are a home away from home. Creating customer loyalty at hotels involves making your guests feel pampered and truly cared for, as if you were a family member inviting a loved one to stay for the weekend. At the heart of any wonderful hotel experience is, of course, plush accommodations and spectacular customer service. However, guests expect these services as the baseline from any hotel. Truly magnificent hotels go far above and beyond these basic amenities. The best hotels utilize customized promotional products to create a relaxing, carefree experience that feels more like home than one's real home.

Imprinted ad specialty items provide your guests the things that they always seem to forget back home, or the things that they always wish they had with them but may not allow themselves the luxury to purchase themselves. Personalized promotional products can be that little extra something that takes a good vacation to a great vacation. No matter your hotel's location, whether on the beach or on the golf course, there are a variety of marketing product options that will ensure that your guests have an even more wonderful time staying with you than they originally expected. And whether your hotel is primarily filled with guests looking to do business or to relax, customized promotional merchandise can help them achieve all of their vacation goals.

Hotels have the luxury of using promotional products in a variety of ways. Perhaps at check-in you'd like to offer your guests a promotional gift to thank them for choosing to stay with you. Many hotels have imprinted promotional items awaiting guests in their rooms. And providing ad specialty giveaways at checkout is a wonderful way to make sure that your logo and tagline are taken on the go, for maximum advertising potential. Finally, many promotional products work wonderfully for direct mail campaigns, thanking former guests and encouraging them to return for another stay. No matter what combination of marketing approaches fits your corporate strategy, promotional products are sure to make guests' stays more enjoyable and increase return visitors.

On our list of suggested promotional products for hotels, you'll discover ad specialty items designed to achieve a range of goals. Help your customers play; help them relax; help them work. No matter if you're looking for promo items that say thank you, or imprinted products that ensure guests have the ultimate stay, the advertising suggestions on this page are sure to do the trick.

Custom imprinted Matchbox

Ad Specialty Matchbox

Four-color imprinting is the best printing method to ensure that your logo, tagline, and image get the most recognition. These customized matchboxes allow you to say everything you want about your hotel on one compact box. Matchboxes are a wonderful hotel giveaway because guests are sure to take these matches with them when they depart. This guarantees that your corporate brand will travel all over the world for maximum brand exposure. Each matchbox is assembled in the United States of America.

Promotional Imprinted Mints

Custom Logoed Mints

One of the most often used hotel promotional products, these ad specialty mints have proven to make a high-quality impression. In order to keep up with the Jones, be sure to leave a custom imprinted mint waiting on the pillow of each and every guest your hotel serves. These mints are small ways to remind your guests where they're staying and how much you appreciate their business. Marketing repetition breeds customer loyalty, so be sure to place an imprinted mint on the pillow after each bed turning.

Custom Promo Sand Bucket

Imprinted Sand Bucket

Is your hotel on or near the beach? Does your family resort have private lake or waterfront access? If your clients are vacationing in order to have some fun in the sun, then this imprinted bucket is the perfect giveaway to ensure that your customers have the most enjoyable vacation possible. Perfect for families with kids, this sand bucket will turn a day at the beach into an adventure building sand castles. As a marketing product, this logoed bucket ensures that all the other beach patrons notice your business.

Personalized Foot Pamper Kit

Custom-Labeled Foot Pamper Kit

If your hotel attracts guests hoping for a relaxing getaway, this personalized foot pamper kit guarantees a perfect evening. Nothing feels better than spending an evening pampering oneself. Help your guests sooth their feet and let any stress melt away. A caring addition to any room, your guests will appreciate this aid to make their stay at your hotel the most relaxing possible. Or if many of your guests are on business travel, this spa kit is ideal, as well. Help them relax after a stressful day of business meetings.

Personalized Promo Golf Balls

Promotional Golf Balls

There's no better way to welcome your guests to a week on the course than presenting them with made in the USA golf balls at check-in. They say first impressions are the most important, and these imprinted golf balls are sure to create an exceptionally high-quality first impression at your hotel. When guests vacation to play a few rounds, they don't want to have to worry about anything, especially where to buy golf balls. With your specialty giveaways, they'll never have to worry about anything!

Molded Chocolates

custom chocolate delights gift box

A highly impressive item, custom-molded chocolate gift box is a sure way to attract notice and incite high-value feelings of appreciation. Ready in guests' new rooms, these customized care packages are fantastic ways to impress guests, or to thank guests if distributed as parting gifts sure to be appreciated.

Custom Branded Umbrella

Screen-Printed Umbrella

There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain while on vacation. Keep your clients dry in any weather with this luxury screen-printed umbrella. Perfect to keep in each room's closet or ready for distribution at the front desk. Your guests will be impressed by your forethought, as well as your willingness to make their vacations enjoyable, rain or shine. These promotional umbrellas have a high perceived-value, so they are sure to gain appreciation from your guests and attract the attention of passers-by.

Imprinted Food tray

Logoed Food Tray

Many hotels forget about the importance of repetitive logo exposure when it comes to advertising your services. Brand-imprinted serving trays are a wonderful way to allow your business name, logo, and tagline to be seen more frequently. Utilize these customized trays for room service, breakfast buffets, or coffee and tea services. The more often guests are reminded where they are staying and how much they love it, the more securely your business will stick in their minds after they leave. But don't worry! They're sure to return.

Screened Wine Glass

Made in the USA Wine Glass

The logoed wine glass is the epitome of class. If you want to show the refined and elegant side of your hotel, imprinted wine glasses should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. These wine glasses are great for use in the hotel bar, but should also be placed in each room, allowing your guests to have the freedom to enjoy a relaxing or romantic glass of wine. And for significant brand exposure, we always recommend that you encourage your guests to take their wine glasses with them at the end of their stay.

Imprinted Hotel Gift Card

Four-Color Gift Card

Wonderful for a direct mail campaign to engage your guests once they've returned home, these prepaid hotel rewards cards are sure to encourage customers to return. Offered in myriad denominations, you can choose the incentive you'd like to offer guests. These four-color process imprinted cards entice your guests to return, and also put your name and logo back on your clients' minds. Printed with a vacation image, you'll remind guests of how much fun they had and how much they'd love to do it again!

By Bill Litton