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Business Branding Products Targeted Toward Men and Women

When planning any advertising initiative, we first ask ourselves who our target market is. We divide the population into groups and decide which group or group we are hoping to target. Once we know our target demographics, every other decision about our advertising campaign becomes easier, as every choice must appeal to the correct group of consumers. As with any other advertising medium, promotional products rely on a keen understanding of one's audience. Different imprinted items will appeal more to different demographics.

The largest and most common delineation to make when splitting up the population is by gender. Making a male/female distinction creates two very large, broad populaces that serve well as jumping off points when beginning to narrow down advertising strategies. Of course, within these broad gender demographics there are infinite other, smaller demographics that can be further divided. If, with one preliminary advertising decision, you can save yourself from having to consider half the population, then that takes a load of stress off your mind.

Although within those large gender demographics there are infinite nuances and further micro-demographics, it is true that there are certain promotional products that are designed or tend to appeal to one gender over another. Certain logoed products are simply constructed to fit the body types of one gender. Sometimes, one gender is more likely to participate in certain activities or habits. And often, a certain style or function of an ad specialty item will appeal more to one gender. So no matter whom your target demographic is comprised of, you're sure to find promotional items that are designed to appeal specifically to that group.

Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite examples of promotional products for men and women. These customized items are a starting point for you to consider what route you may want to take with your advertising campaign if you are planning to target one gender over the other. Based on a variety of factors, these custom-imprinted products are sure to attract the notice of the gender to which you are looking to appeal.

Promotional Products For Men

Embroidered Polo Tee
Embroidered Polo Tee-Shirt
As Low As $24.80

Promotional Hat
Embroidered Brushed Cotton Hat
As Low As $4.99

Custom Logo Watch
Custom Logo Watch
As Low As $133.00

Imprinted Clip-On Tie
Carhartt Signature 5 Gallon Tool Organizer
As Low As $59.98

Custom Men's Golf Glove
Custom Men's Golf Glove
As Low As $17.99

Ad Specialty Tie
Ad Specialty Tie
As Low As $19.00

Ultimate Men's Travel Kit
Ultimate Men's Travel Dopp Kit
As Low As $10.42

Debossed Bi-Fold Wallet
Debossed Bi-Fold Wallet
As Low As $6.00

Promotional Printed Sunglasses
Promotional Printed Sunglasses
As Low As $2.94

As with all promotional decisions and advertising campaigns, the best policy is to be sure that your customized giveaways fit the theme of your company, product, and overall marketing initiatives. If your company makes products or provides services aimed primarily toward one demographic, then utilizing promotional merchandise that targets the same demographic is sure to have positive effects for your business marketing.

Promotional Products for Women

Embroidered Soft Shell Jacket
Embroidered ladies' terry velour spa wrap
As Low As $23.00

Promotional Accessories Box
Silk Screened cosmetic case
As Low As $10.98

Imprinted Rain Hat
Imprinted Women's Kit
As Low As $8.50

Engraved Women's Watch
Engraved Women's Watch
As Low As $72.00

Customized Nail File
Customized Nail File
As Low As $0.69

Specialty Printed Mirror
Specialty Printed Compact Mirror
As Low As $1.11

Debossed Women's Bag
Debossed Women's Bag
As Low As $15.73

Logoed Women's Sunglasses
Logoed Women's Designer Sunglasses
As Low As $24.39

Logo-Printed Wrist Wallet
Promo Wrist Wallet
As Low As $4.80

Clients and potential customers feel secure with a company who presents a uniform image of itself. Aligning your services with your corporate branding initiatives will help clients understand your business and feel more comfortable committing to your services. Not to mention that ad specialty giveaways develop a deep and lasting bond with consumers in the first place. This connection is only strengthened when your corporate gifts align with your business as a whole. Targeting a specific demographic is a great way to reinforce the goals of your business and solidify a loyal customer base.