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Imprinted Marketing Gifts for Office Supply Companies

If you manage or own an office supply company, everyday you're thinking about your clients' workspace. You provide products that help keep their offices and workflow tidy, organized, and efficient - aesthetically pleasing while still fully functional. When work piles up and your clients feel like they're in over their heads, the last thing they want is to realize that they don't have a stapler, or that their trusty tape dispenser has gone missing again. Because your clients have enough to think about already.

However, if they do realize that another office item would be useful or they need to replace a product from the 1930's, you want to ensure that it is your office supply company that they think of. If your clients are switching offices or perhaps moving to an entirely new office building, guarantee that you're the office supply company they call to outfit their new space. Or if they just want to create a fresh look or spruce up their work area, be sure that it is your stylish products and wide selection that come to mind first.

Of course, you guarantee return customers by providing exemplary service and the finest office products available on the market. But do you want to know the real secret to maintaining customers and attracting new clients? Custom imprinted promotional items!

Nothing keeps your business's name, logo, and tagline on your customers' minds better than office items imprinted with all your information! And ad specialty giveaways say so much about your company. Show off your elegant side or your fun side by choosing the appropriate imprinted customer appreciation gifts.

Full Color Note Cube

Full Color Note Cube

Who ever said that good things don't come in small packages? Four color imprint on five sides! No other marketing medium can fit more advertising power into a 3 x 3 x 1.5 cube! The four color printing process means that you can create your business image and message to match your most profound dreams. Nothing need be left out due to color options or printing capabilities. Add to the fact that this promotional notepad is made in the USA and you have a perfect ad specialty item!

Promotional Imprinted Stapler

Imprinted Stand Up Stapler

Stand you advertising campaign on its head with these imprinted upright staplers. Don't worry! These acrobats won't hurt anyone's back, because these customized staplers are ergonomically designed! Your customers will appreciate how little space these stand up staplers take up on their crowded desks. They just may appreciate even more that these imprinted items come loaded with standard staples, meaning that they are ready for immediate use!

Custom Promo Memo Holder

Customized Memo Holder

If only we could find a way to levitate everything of our desks. . . how nice it would be to have a pristine work space again! You may not be able to lift everything into the air, but with these imprinted memo holders, you can raise some of your client's memos and notes off their desks' surfaces. Perfect for phone messages, pictures, memos, and other important notes. With the imprinted cube base, your customers will never forget that you're always there to do the heavy lifting.

Ecofriendly Pencil Cup

Environmentally Friendly Pen and Pencil Cup

Style and environmental consciousness mix superbly in this eye-catching pencil holder. For customers with a natural aesthetic and compassion for the natural world, distribute these ecofriendly pencil holders made from bamboo, which is one of our fastest growing natural resources. A great way to align your business with environmental causes! Your company may not be in charge of cleaning up oil spills, but you can at least clean up your clients' desks. Hey, it's a start!

SpectraDome Tape Dispenser

SpectraDome Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser is an exciting revamp of the outdated style. There is nothing boring about this SpectraDome full color tape dispenser. The unique design is sure to attract the attention of potential clients, and your full color imprint implants your business name and information in any viewer's mind. Promotional products are as much about the impressiveness of the item as the impressiveness of the logo. This tape dispenser takes impressiveness to a new extreme!

Imprinted Paperclip Dispenser

Personalized Paperclip Dispenser

We traveled forward in time and brought back these futuristically colored paperclip dispensers to share with our generation! Well. . . that's not actually true, but it makes a good story. The truth is, you don't need a time machine to be able to provide your clients with these impressive logoed paperclip holders. These customized promotional items include thirty colorful paper clips, which, unfortunately, are also not from the future.

Ad Specialty Calculator

Silkscreened Calculator

With this silkscreened calculator, everything about your advertising campaign just seems to add up. In every profession, the day-to-day requirements of our jobs require basic calculations from time to time. In a hectic moment, the pressure of even simple math can feel excessive. Distributing this imprinted calculator is one small gesture to prove to your clients that when they work with your company, they'll never have to sweat the small things.

Imprinted Business Card Holder

Logoed Business Card Holder

After a spectacular meeting with an important CEO, nothing ruins a positive impression more than fishing through cluttered drawers to try and find a spare business card. With this ad specialty business card holder, your clients' desks can be as organized and outstanding as their sales pitches. Weighted to stay in position, this printed card holder isn't moving an inch. This way, your clients will always know exactly where their business cards are waiting.

Laser Engraved Letter Opener

Laser Engraved Letter Opener

Be sure to make an impression with this stainless steel laser engraved envelope opener. Nothing says class, elegance, and sophistication like this custom-logoed promotional item. It doubles as a paperweight and letter opener, and it spins on its base! Therefore, this imprinted product is as much a desk focal piece as it is a useful item. Your clients will be sure to return to your office supply company because this product truly says that you mean business!

Imprinted Dancing Flower Pot

Screen Printed Flower Pot With Dancing Flowers

Show your fun, lighthearted, and creative side with this promotional giveaway. This specialty-printed flowerpot is filled with solar powered flowers and insects that dance and sway when they are under light. Your clients will appreciate how this imprinted item gives their offices a warm, personal feeling with its bright colors and fun imagery. This customized gift is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. And happy customers are always the best customers!

By Bill Litton