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Promotional Gifts and Giveaways for Financial Planners

For financial planners, creating and maintaining the right image is of the utmost importance. Convincing people to allow you to make financial decisions in their best interest is difficult, to say the least. We know that the image you create for yourself is a big factor in how comfortable people feel with your services. Creating a serious, trustworthy, professional image can be the factor that convinces your clients to take the leap.

Of course, when you think of building your image, you think of how you speak, the information you have prepared, your wealth of knowledge, and the fashion in which you present yourself. However, you may not realize that many clients have made a decision about your image before they even meet you! The image and appearance of your promotions and advertisements creates an image of you. If your advertising materials and promotional products impress potential clients, they will come into the first meeting prepared to be impressed by you. After that, your job is easy.

However, clients don't want to work with a stick in the mud, either. They want someone with personality, with compassion, and who is personable. Your promotional products create this image, as well. The trick to a successful advertising campaign is to find customized promotional items that properly convey all your pertinent information, represent your professional demeanor, but also show your affable spirit.

We understand. That doesn't sound like the easiest combination to achieve. So in order to help you market yourself and your services as best as possible, we've compiled a list of our favorite promotional products for financial planners. Each of these products will help promote a serious yet friendly image for you to present to potential clients. These products also work wonderfully as personalized giveaways to show your appreciation for long time customers. No matter your purpose, you'll discover multiple logoed products on this page that promote you and your business in the perfect light.

Custom Imprinted Financial Wallet Card This full-color imprinted wallet card helps you get your name out there. This customized wallet card also helps keep financial responsibility on your clients' minds when they need it most. . . as they are reaching into their wallets! The backside of this promotional wallet card includes useful information that will represent you as a knowledgeable and helpful financial planner. No promotional item more effectively reminds your clients that you're always watching out for their finances.
Logoed Promo Dry Erase Memo Board The worst monetary moment for clients is when their finances hit a rough patch simply because they forgot an important date, payment, or investment. With this customized financial services memo board, you can help ensure that your clients' finances never slip anyone's mind again. Help create positive financial habits by providing your clients with an imprinted memo board where they can remind themselves of all major financial commitments and dates.
Laser Engraved Promotional Money Clip What a perfect symbol to show that you're always protecting your clients' money: laser-engraved money clips. When your clients spend a little cash, they'll breathe easy knowing that you're there watching out for their big sums of money. They can probably afford to spend a bit of cash on whim, but only because when it comes to major investments and accounts, you're making intelligent financial decisions. This logoed money clip says it all in one elegant promotional item.
Imprinted Specialty Coin Purse Show your clients that counting their pennies really does add up! Custom-imprinted coin purses help your clients make sure that they don't misplace even one cent of their hard earned money. With one classic promotional product, you can show your clients the positive effects of fiscal responsibility and smart handling of money. Not to mention, your name and services will be gain high frequency advertisement when your customers carry this ad specialty coin pouch in their purses or pockets.
Ad Specialty Save Money Bookmark For those of your clients whom have children, help teach their kids smart financial responsibility from a young age! This imprinted promotional bookmark includes tips and techniques for children to make fiscally intelligent decisions. But this logoed bookmark does more than teach about money management; it also shows your clients that you care about the entire family! That creates a positive image for you that will make your clients more trusting and more loyal.
Logoed Screened Padfolio They say first impressions are the most important. When new clients step through your door, hand them this ad specialty padfolio, replete with all the information they'll need for your meeting, as well as for making informed financial decisions at home. This promotional padfolio ensures that your first impression shows you as professional and always prepared. More importantly, being organized with this logoed padfolio makes this and future meetings run smoothly and effectively.
Customized Money Tree Magnet Statue Take advantage of the old saying that money doesn't grow on trees with this logo printed sculpture block magnet. In a field where most of your clients are business professionals, utilize the fact that many of them probably sit at a desk most of the day. Logoed desk magnets are an engaging way to advertise your name and your services, as well as remind your clients that while they are earning money, you're watching over the money they already have.
Specialty Temperature Reactive Mug Although money may not grow on tries, under your financial guidance it might feel like it! Before working with you, your clients financial situation was probably like this mug. . .just a tree. But after joining with your services, it'll be like adding hot liquid to this temperature reactive mug. . .money will magically grow from the branches! Starting your morning with a hot cup of coffee and reminder from this specialty imprinted mug that your money is well planted is a pretty good way to begin each day.
Custom-Labeled ColorRich Checkbook Case Are you looking for a great promotional giveaway to attract new customers or an incredible logoed gift to serve as a token of appreciation for your current clients? Either way, this ColorRich custom checkbook cover will fulfill your advertising goals. No promotional product says "I'm protecting your money" like a custom ad specialty item that protects your clients checkbooks. Let your customers rest assured knowing you always have an eye on their finances.
By Bill Litton