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Custom Branded Apparel Items

Everyone has to wear clothes. Put your logo on them and hand them out as promotional items or corporate apparel. Others judge us by the clothes we wear, so it's crazy to miss such a great specialty advertising opportunity. Look professional with your professional name emblazoned on your personalized embroidered hat, shirt, or jacket. Our corporate promotional apparel can be customized with your logo to promote your brand and enhance your image.

IASpromotes.com carries every major promotional brand label, even private label promotional apparel. This is the opportunity for you to guarantee the next time your clients, your family, your staff, or your friends step out the door, it will be your logo they are advertising on all their corporate customized clothes. No matter the occasion, IASpromotes.com offers promo clothing selections that will fit the bill.

Corporate Dress to Impress

Your customers need to look nice for the office and you expect your staff to look dapper as well. Just because a shirt has buttons doesn't mean it can't have your logo as well. IASpromotes.com provides hundreds of options for screen-printed or embroidered button downs. Don't have quite that strict of a dress code? IASpromotes.com offers a huge selection of custom printed promotional polo shirts, as well, for when you need to look professional but also a little relaxed. You'll find a huge selection of button-downs in a variety of colors for both men and women.

Customized Weekend Wear

Want everyone to remember your company's name even when they aren't at the office? Need something to hand out at your annual hiking retreat or tradeshow? IASpromotes.com can screen-print or embroider your brand onto a sweatshirt, tee shirt, vest, or fleece. And for when the weather turns nasty, consider having custom printed promotional rain ponchos, hats, headbands, and scarves waiting for on hand advertisement. The last thing you want is for your client to be distracted by the cold when you're making the pitch.

The Promotional Power of the Uniform

It makes a lasting impression when the client walks through the door and sees the whole staff in uniform. No matter your business, IASpromotes.com offers the uniform that will fit your needs. Embroidered aprons over matching tee shirts? Slacks and a polo? Dress shorts and a long sleeved shirt? A chef's coat and black pants? IASpromotes.com can custom print or embroider any combination so you can create the uniform that fits your needs promotes your brand.

Speaking of uniforms, maybe you sponsor a soccer team. Or wouldn't the staff pick-up softball league look better on the field wearing matching custom printed jerseys and shorts? IASpromotes.com can screen-print athletic gear so your brand keeps working even when you're working out.

Home Wear Advertises Too

Just because your clients are out of the office doesn't mean your brand has to be off duty. Embroider a robe or pajamas so you leave them dreaming of your company. IASpromotes.com also offers screen-printed beachwear, shorts, and sandals for when you're off duty. You can even logo underwear and socks. Hand out home wear at your next tradeshow for personal specialty advertising.

Choose the Size, Quality, and Style that Fits Your Needs

Remember that IASpromotes.com offers a huge selection of sizes. There are also a variety of fabrics so you your clients and employees feel comfortable and confident in all their corporate apparel and promotional clothing. All corporate apparel options are retail quality; IASpromotes.com carries every major promotional brand label!