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Custom Branded Automotive Items

As a society that is constantly on the move, we spend a lot of time in our cars, either commuting to work, running errands, or traveling. That's a lot of time spent doing essentially nothing but thinking. So why not give everyone on the road something great to think about? Automotive-related customized promotional items make use of a great opportunity for advertising. After all, there's not much to do in traffic but stare at the bumper sticker or license plate in front of you.

It's not all about what goes on the car, though. From promotional sun visor organizers, floor mats, emergency kits, and many more custom promotional auto gifts, IASpromotes.com understands the need to maximize your promotional campaign dollars. It's simple logic: westerners love cars, so automotive promotional merchandise of any kind is always a hit at trade shows or at your next marketing event or campaign.

Not sure exactly which custom logoed automotive item might be most suitable for your clientele? Please don't hesitate to call or email us for expert advice.

Promo Products for the Outside of the Car

How many cars do you see a day? How many bumper stickers did you read on the drive to work today? Each car is just waiting to turn into a moving marketing campaign, and IASpromotes.com offers you hundreds of different choices for taking advantage of the available advertising on all your clients' cars. Of course, there are the classic specialty ad bumper stickers and car magnets– always a hit! And you can never go wrong with customized promo license plates or license plate frames for your next promotional giveaway. But if you really want to make an impression, consider personalized sunshades for your next marketing event. They're big and they're useful! Your customers will be happy to keep their cars cool while hanging your logo in their window all day.

When You're Clients' Are in a Pinch, Be There to Help

Every company wants to send the message to their customers: we're here to help. Well, there's nothing worse than when there's a problem while you're driving, so next time something goes wrong with your customers' car, be there to help. Or at least, be sure their car is stocked with custom printed helpful items. That way, your clients will always know that you've got their backs. Consider logoed auto emergency kits, or customized tire gauges, for when you clients really need a hand. Not such a catastrophe? Try handing out personalized air fresheners, screen-printed ice scrapers, or logoed car cleaning kits at your next trade show. However big or small the issue, let your clients, students, or employees know you're there for them with custom printed automotive promo gear.

With Promotional Merchandise, It's the Little Things That Count

Good things come in small packages. Let your customers know you care by providing them with that small car accessory that really makes the difference. Logoed sunglass clips, personalized chargers, or custom printed cell phones holders can be just the automotive addition your clients need. With marketing, it's all about repetition. That's why automotive promotional merchandise is such a smart investment. Every day when your clients strap on their seat belts and clip their cell phone into your specialty case, they'll think of your company and how glad they are to be working with you.