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School, Educational, & Learning Promotional Product Accessories

IASpromotes.com knows the value of a good education. We also know the value of good educational promotional products. Education is not just valuable for the individual; your brand will instantly benefit from using customized school products. The education industry is gigantic and here to stay, so don't miss out on the huge marketing opportunity this industry creates.

Many consumers shop as much on values these days as they do on products. Many companies have faced a downfall because they did not take community investment seriously enough. Well, custom educational promotional products are perfect for generating community good will for your brand. Whether you think of it as investing in the future, investing in our youth, or investing in our communities, this type of investment is a very important promotional opportunity for any business to build its corporate image.

How To Use Logoed Educational Merchandise

Many companies underestimate the power that children can have on adults' shopping choices. Convincing children first can be a very smart marketing maneuver. Using promotional educational products is a wonderful way to build brand recognition with children. Perhaps you are hosting a family fun day for your corporate clients or your headquarters' neighborhood. Stocking tables with custom coloring books, promo art supplies, and imprinted books is a wonderful method for getting both adults and children to interact with your brand. And don't forget the corporate giveaways such as printed lunch boxes or customized erasers and bookmarkers, so that your logo continues to have an effect even after the families leave your event.

You can also use promotional education items to make a direct impact on the schools in your community. Donating an order of logoed globes, customized blackboards, or printed binders can be a great decision that both improves the quality and resources of your school system, while also increasing your brand recognition. When children come home, it will be your brand they tell their parents about, because they will associate your logo with the good feeling of being in a positive learning environment.

Customized Educational Products for Education Professionals

Perhaps your company deals directly with educational professionals. This includes a number of huge demographics, including teachers, daycare providers, doctors, nurses, coaches, and after-school caregivers. Providing any of these clients with custom printed educational merchandise, such as memo boards, pencils, and notepads, increases their productivity and impact on children, while spreading your logo and building your brand recognition.

If you don't work directly with these demographics, don't make the mistake of thinking that educational promotional products are not for you. Think of these other demographics that care deeply about education: parents, students, faculty, alumni, and staff. IASpromotes.com knows that every corporation works daily with people in these demographics. And because we all care highly about valuable education, we all care highly about educational items. That means that when you use ad specialty educational products for your next tradeshow giveaway or corporate gifts, you're sure to build your community image and build a strong customer base reliant on deep moral commitments.

What Education Promo Specialties to Choose?

This depends mostly on who your target audience is. If you are looking to have a direct connection with children, the more fun promotional items are always a hit! Kids love drawing on customized coloring books and memo boards with logoed pencils, chalk, paint, crayons, and erasers. Maximize reading time with imprinted books or screened bookmarks. We're happy to give you this little hint, too. . . kids LOVE corporate pencil tops!

However, if you're really hoping to be noticed by the adults in the educational world, the bigger tools make the biggest impact. Custom-printed blackboards, promotional globes, and branded binders always have the largest effect on the older generations.

No matter your target market, IASpromotes.com knows the educational promotional product world inside and out and is happy to aid you in your promo merchandise decision. Call, email, or live chat with us and we'll be able to direct you to the educational choices that will suit your corporate strategy and marketing campaign best. We know educational advancements can't wait another minute, so we're always speedy with our response to any inquiry you may have.