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Promotional Calendars, Planners, & Journals

IASpromotes.com knows the business world operates on a tight schedule. Many of your customers probably manage their schedules down to the minute. Everyone needs something to keep track of his or her busy days. That's why promo calendars are the perfect advertising opportunity. While handing out custom specialty calendars at your next trade show or marketing event, you can breathe easy knowing that your logo is sure to be noticed again and again as your clients mark up each day's schedule.

With such a huge variety of personalized calendars, including wall, desk, and stick up calendars you're sure to find just what you're looking for. And, of course, IASpromotes.com also stocks thousands of customized address books, planners, and date books, so your customers can carry your logo with them wherever they go.

What Day is it, Again?

The question we're all ashamed we have to ask . . . everyday. So, of course your clients will secretly thank their lucky stars every time your personalized corporate calendar keeps them from have to ask that embarrassing question out loud. With so many classic calendars to choose from, including wall, desk, and stick-up calendars, you can decide what style fits your clients' lives best. Try a smaller screen-printed magnet or wallet calendar, for more discrete advertising. Or a huge, customized contract calendar or calendar pad so your client's entire office will see your logo shining up at them as they plan their strategy each morning.

Customized Promo Bound Calendars

For all your clients who frequently have to work outside the office, or if your target market is students, perhaps, who are always jotting their busy schedules on the go, consider specialty address books, planners, date books, or pocket calendars for your next promotional event or giveaway. The cover of these calendars offers a beautiful venue to emblazon your logo onto. And because many people need to write more than a calendar allows space for, IASpromotes.com also offers custom printed journals, diaries and memo books. This is a perfect space for the logo of your college or university, or your corporate slogan and brand.

Calendars for the Twenty-First Century

If you're searching for customized promotional sundials, you've come to wrong place. It's the digital age, and we, the people, demand digital calendars! As always, IASpromotes.com is here to provide you with what you want. So in the Dated Products Miscellaneous section you'll find tons of custom digital calendars. And, as we expect of all our gear these days, they do so much more than just one thing. Most of our promotional digital calendars double as picture frames, clocks, penholders, and alarms. All of your clients will thank you when they try out the logoed digital calendar you handed out at the trade show. So many functions in a single promo item! What more could you ask for from your specialty advertising merchandise?

And if you still don't see the product you need, give us a call at 1-800-780-1962 to speak to a promotional specialist.