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Tips for How to Order Custom Promotional Products

Ordering promotional products can be a breeze! Whether you've just decided that you want to start a promotional marketing campaign, or you have all the details set and you simply need to place the order for your customized merchandise, the process doesn't have to be difficult. The best planners always make the best orderers. Take a second and prepare all the information you'll want your ad specialty provider to know, and you'll be amazed by how simple the entire ordering process can be!

Of course, now the question is "what information should I have prepared?" We've compiled a list of useful information in order to make your life easy for you. No matter where you are in the process of developing your marketing campaign, don't worry! We're here to help you with your promotional products order every step of the way.

  • Event Date

    The date of your marketing event is, surprisingly, perhaps the most useful piece of information for us. The speed with which you need your personalized product affects every piece of the puzzle. Whether your advertising event is in two days or two months makes a big difference! And no matter when your event is, don't be nervous, we'll get you the promotional merchandise you need. We have a variety of options and accommodations for all circumstances and turn-around times.

  • Event Theme

    If you're coming into the promotional products world sure that you have a big marketing event coming soon, but unsure as to what ad specialties merchandise will suit your event best, that's okay! Knowing the theme of the event can help us direct you toward a number of promo options that could fit snuggly in with your theme. You can imagine how a pirate theme and a corporate gala might require different customized products. We know our entire catalogue by heart and can quickly help you choose from a multitude of possible promotional items.

  • Purpose

    If you decide what is the most important factor in the choice of promotional products, we can direct you towards ad specialty merchandise that suit your preferences. Some customers want low-cost customized items with a high perceived value. Other customers want to be sure that the promo merchandise fit the theme of the event precisely. Some customers are mostly concerned with the lasting advertising value of the promotional product. These are just a few examples of what might be most important to you. Whatever you choose, we'll be able to help you find the perfect promotional product that fits your specifications.

  • Event Size

    When we know how many people will be at the event, we can understand approximately how many promotional products you'll want stocked for your event. There's nothing worse than running out of giveaways on the first day of an expo or having just given away the last promo item when the VIP walks up to your table.

  • Budget

    For some customers, budget is the most important part of the equation. Maybe you really want to show a select group of recipients how much you value them. Maybe you want to keep expenses minimal for this tradeshow. Either way, if we know your budget we can direct you toward promotional products that will fit within your price range.

  • Distribution Necessities

    How quickly do you need these items? Would you prefer to use your shipping account or ours? These are two simple questions that have an important impact on your promotional products order.

  • Artwork in Vector Format

    Having your promotional product's artwork in vector format speeds up the entire process. You can do even more, though. If you already know your color scheme, prepare your artwork color and the imprint color in advance. If you're not sure what colors would best suit your promotional product and your event theme, that's fine, too! We can discuss the options and choose the color scheme that will be most appropriate.

  • What's Worked in the Past

    When you describe to us what you have loved and hated about other promotional experiences we can hone your ordering experience to make it as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible. Looking at past marketing strategies can also provide wonderful springboards to launch into your current promotional event. Promotional products are like tailored clothes: they're not one size fits all. Different customers prefer different details and experience. So be sure to tell us what you've liked and not liked in the past.

By Bill Litton