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Ad Specialties for Pet Businesses and Animal Lovers

Absolutely no one can resist a cute animal. That simple fact is why pet promotional advertising is such an effective business strategy. Perhaps you are a veterinarian, a pet-store owner, an animal shelter, or a doggy day-care. Then, of course, animal-themed promotional products are for you. But animals and pets are wonderful because they create incredible advertising for any business! It's reasonable to assume that many of your customers and clients are animal lovers, no matter what field you are in. Therefore, promotional giveaways that provide for pets attract your human potential clients.

Even better, pets require a lot of love, attention, and care, which means that they require a lot of things. All of these things can be custom imprinted with your logo, tagline, and pertinent business information, turning these items into incredible promotional products. Whether you're looking to appeal to cat lovers or dog lovers, there are a number of options for logoed promotional items.

When you distribute animal-related promotional giveaways, you are allowed the wonderful advertising imagery of cat and dog pictures. Simply including an animal on your marketing materials is sure to attract potential clients to your booth at a tradeshow or to take a closer look at your informational handouts. Of course, animal imagery is best suited for animal professionals, but all businesses can take advantage of the wonders of animal pictures on their promotional materials.

Below you'll find our favorite ad specialty items designed to attract the attention of pet owners and animal lovers. As much as we love them, pets can sometimes feel like a lot to handle. Many of our customized promotional products help animal owners care for their dogs and cats. Any time your promo items can lend a helping hand to your customers is a great use of advertising capital. These useful imprinted products guarantee that your logo will be seen over and over with repeated use.

Custom imprinted Dog Collar

Ad Specialty Pet Collar

The collar is probably the most classic animal-themed promotional giveaway. Dogs and cats wear collars for a lifetime, which means a lifetime of brand awareness for your business. You'll be amazed how well pets can advertise your company. Just think of how many times a day strangers lean down to pet a cute dog. With promotional collars, each of those dog lovers will notice your corporate slogan and image.

Promotional Imprinted Bandana

Custom Logoed Bandana

Maybe you'd like to distribute a custom giveaway that is a little more eye-catching than the standard collar? If so, this imprinted pet bandana is the promotional product for you! With a large imprint size, this fashionable personalized bandana guarantees that your logo and tagline will be noticed as your customers' pets stroll down the sidewalk, play at the dog park, or romp around in your clients' lawns.

Custom promo Cat ScooperCustom promo bag Dispenser

Imprinted Litter Scooper and Personalized Bag Dispenser

Whether dog or cat owners, these imprinted items remind your customers that you are always there to help them get the dirty work done. This reminder can be the subconscious encouragement that keeps your clients repeatedly coming back to your business. These promotional products are great examples of how customized items mean so much more than the single activity they are designed for.

Personalized Promotional Dog Bowl

Custom-Labeled Food Bowl

No other ad specialty product guarantees daily brand exposure as well as this imprinted food bowl. The unique design of this custom food bowl makes feeding easy for the pets, and refilling easy for their owners. Your clients are sure to appreciate that! This is a perfect screen-printed giveaway for pet stores, veterinarians, and animal trainers. And best of all, this personalized bowl is made in the USA!

Imprinted Rectractable Leash

Logoed Retractable Leash

Walking your dog is not only good for the pet but also good for the owner. This custom-branded retractable leash gets both your animal and human customers on the move! Equipped with a soft grip, this imprinted leash allows your busy business clients the freedom to walk their dogs after sunset or before sunrise. And the whole time, your logo, imprinted on the side of the leash's handle, will be radiating like a beacon.

Personalized Pet Food Clip

USA Made Pet Food Clip

Just like we keep our food sealed up to ensure freshness, so too must we seal up pet food to keep it enjoyable for their consumption. This promotional clip is perfect for groomers and dog walkers because it shows you'll go the extra mile to ensure the care of your clients' pets. But if you don't happen to be in one of those businesses, as you can see from the image, there are a number of creative ways to connect your brand to animal products.

Imprinted Dog Treat Tin

Dog Treat Jar with Dog Bone Magnet

Four-color processing is the ultimate in logo imprinting. Nothing gains more attention than a full color image. This imprinted tin is sure to attract notice when your clients pull out their dogs' favorite cookie and snack treats. Distributing customized dog treats is a wonderful way for parks, cafes, and other pet-friendly establishments to show their love of animals. Love your clients' dogs and your clients will love your business.