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Perfect Promotional Products for Back to School

As summer winds to a close, there's only one event left on everyone minds: back to school! For most of us in the business world, that doesn't mean we're pulling out the old binders. But we're sure someone you know is! Celebrating back to school season with promotional products is an incredible way to capture the attention of a variety of demographics that account for a significant portion of the population.

Each August and September, children, teens, young adults, teachers, and parents alike begin gearing up for the new school year. If you're planning a promotional event, tradeshow or expo, or marketing giveaway near the end of summer, the best strategy is to make it academic. Targeting the back to school demographics opens up a huge array of promotional possibilities - everything from the fun and playful customized items for the younger students, to the more serious imprinted merchandise for the parents and older academics.

In order to help you aim your marketing initiatives and make the best use of your advertisement dollars, we've put together a guide to back to school promotional strategies. Consider your target market, your clientele, your advertisement message, and your price point - then simply choose the custom-printed item that suits your campaign best!

Many of us make the mistake of overlooking the youngest of the students. After all, they're not investing much in most of our companies. But they are actually an incredible market. Not only do promotional children's products attract the eyes of parents, but your brand will also advertise daily where it is sure to be noticed teachers and other school officials.

If elementary students are your target demographic, consider using your marketing capital for customized erasers, screen-printed pencil sharpeners, and logoed crayons.

Custom Imprinted Promotional Pencil Sharpeners Custom Imprinted Promotional Erasers Custom Imprinted Promotional Crayons

Elementary students are best at one thing, of course: playing! Take advantage of recess time by distributing imprinted flying discs or promo hacky-sacks at your next promotional event or corporate giveaway. Customized lunchboxes are also one of our most popular ad specialty items, ensuring the children fuel up for playtime!

Imprinted Recylced Promotional Flying Discs Custom Imprinted Promotional Hacky-Sacks Custom Imprinted Promotional Lunchboxes

As students age, you may want to consider utilizing more practical promotional products. We recommend custom-labeled planners, imprinted binders, and personalized folders to organize everyone's schoolwork. These customized promo products are incredible items that ensure high quality advertisement and repetitive brand exposure.

Customized Ad Specialty Planners Environmentally-Friendly Ad Specialty Binders Promo Ad Specialty Folders

And no matter your target age groups, promotional rulers and screened pencils can always be useful. Don't worry, these pencils are #2 so whether your target market is learning to draw or studying for the SAT's, these pencils are sure to be used and create wonderful advertisement. And don-t forget the most important promotional item: the logo-embroidered backpack!

Customized Ad Specialty Rulers Promomotional Ad Specialty Pencils Specialty Embroidered Backpack

Back to school promotional items are often underutilized marketing investments in the business world. Not many other ad specialty products attract such high notice from such a large range of consumers. After all, back to school promotional giveaways are not aimed so much towards the students, but rather all the individuals they interact with daily. Take advantage of these walking billboards by making back to school promo merchandise a part of your next advertising campaign!