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Eco-Friendly Materials for Green Promotional Products

You've been searching for a simple way to connect your business to the environmental movement. You care about the well being of our earth and the conservation of our natural resources, but you're not sure how to bring those ideals into your business model. Or perhaps your business has already implemented many ecofriendly changes, and you're simply looking for a green way to advertise your earth conscious choices to customers. No matter where you are on the environmentally friendly spectrum, utilizing promotional products created from earth friendly materials will be a magnificent way for you to demonstrate your compassion for our earth.

At one point or another, most businesses have imagined how wonderful it would be if they could get the same imprinted items that they're used to, but made from earth friendly resources. However, with all the advertising and varying opinions floating around these days, most people aren't even sure exactly what an ecofriendly material would be. Understanding one simple fact will set you on your way to embracing ecofriendly materials and utilizing green logoed items for your next ad campaign:

Materials created from plant products, especially plants that grow quickly and easily, are the most ecofriendly substrates we can craft. These plants grow in abundance, sometimes over-abundance, so by using them to create promotional products, we are avoiding waste, helping the earth manage its ecosystem, and taking nothing from the land that it desperately needs.

Spa Kit Burlap Culinary Set Bamboo Cheese Board Jute Tote Bag

What plants best fit this description? There are a few simple answers. By far, bamboo is the fastest growing plant we have at our disposal. However, there are many other materials created from fast growing and eco-friendly plants. Be sure to consider jute, burlap, and hemp, as well. All of these materials are created from plant materials that have an incredibly low impact on our earth's environment.

Bamboo USB Drive Burlap Gloves Jute Neck Pillow Jute Sun Protection Kit

We're sure that by now you've heard of the wonders of corn products. All the hype is no lie! Taking advantage of the plentitude of corn, especially in the United States, is a great way to showcase the environmentally conscious side of your business. Promotional products crafted from corn resin or corn plastic are incredible marketing items that advertise your logo and brand as well as your commitment to our environment!

Corn Plastic Mug Corn Plastic Calculator Recycled Soy Ink Notebook Corn Plastic Screw Driver

Soy is another fast-growing and abundant crop. Therefore, soy ink is a wonderful choice for ecofriendly ad initiatives. It gets even better, though! Because soy ink is a completely natural product, it is a safe option compared to other inks that contain harsh chemicals. Soy ink makes a positive impact on our world and also on your customers!

Soy Ink Scratch Pad Soy Ink Notebook Organic Cotton Golf Set Organic Cotton Sandwich Bag

Ecofriendly materials are easy to navigate! The only job you have left is to decide which style fits your company's image and brand best. With so many different earth-friendly materials available, we're sure that you'll be able to find a promotional product that suits your business perfectly. Now your imprinted merchandise can correctly advertise the brand and business you are proud to have created!

By Bill Litton