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Custom Branded Logo Blocks

Let's say you've got that itch that says it's high time to launch a new marketing campaign. Other than that. . . you're not sure exactly which direction to proceed in order to advertise your business in an unique, eye-catching, and memorable way. At IASpromotes.com, we've been thinking a lot about businesses in your precise situation. We've been asking ourselves, in today's age overrun by marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes, how can you ensure that yours will attract the attention of your client base? How can you outshine the competitors and embed your name and logo in the minds and hearts of consumers nationwide?

Then we were taking a snack break to make a quick sandwich and, in the other room, the trailer for a very popular movie came on the television. In front of the TV, one of our employee's children was playing with the very popular toy that the very popular movie is based on. Holy bologna! Right there in the kitchen all of our questions were suddenly answered!

"Build your marketing campaign from the ground up!" "Our business creates the building blocks for your home/life/marriage/leisure!" "Know that your business is built on a strong foundation!"

The slogans are endless. The symbolism is profound. The wave is nigh.

It's time to start thinking inside the box. Or the cube. Or the logoed promo block, as we like to call it.

These corporate emblazoned building blocks fit together all the pieces of a successful advertising initiative that we at IASpromotes have been swearing by for our entire existence: be unique, be timeless, ride the popular wave, and be sure that your promotional products support your corporate message.

yellow green branded blocks Full color building block Custom pyramid building block set Stress building blocks

There are not many other marketing items that will capture your audiences' attention like logoed building blocks. We played with them, our children play with them. But when you use them to market your business, you'll find that these imprinted blocks are not just for playtime. These branded blocks can get serious work done. They'll advertise like no other marketing outlet can. Because they are exactly what your company is: a great foundation, fun but business-minded, able to be crafted to your customers' desires, and always around, always ready.

You'll find these logoed building blocks are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so that you have the freedom to build a marketing initiative to your exact specifications. Looking for a simple, single print, or do you want a full color image that fully expresses your company? We offer both! Just want one block or are you looking for an entire set to build with? We offer both! Just like these customized building blocks, we allow you to craft the advertising campaign that will suit your business best.

With the hassle and stress of your advertising campaign alleviated, you'll have time to play with the kids, knowing that your clients are playing with the exact same toys on their desks. Funny how leisure and business don't have to be so far apart with an awesome logoed product such as these imprinted blocks!