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Gifts and Customer Premiums

When it is time to show your customers and employees that you appreciate their loyalty, patronage or hard work, IASpromotes.com will help you choose exciting and meaningful gifts. We have over 300,000 items from around the world practically at our finger tips. Using our database and advanced search technology, we can find the perfect premium for any budget.

Corporate Identity Management

Whether it's a single object or an entire line of products, the promotional items you choose make a defining statement about your niche in the market. IASpromotes.com works closely with corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to develop a unified line of promotional items and gifts that will enhance brand recognition and good will among clients, customers, employees and business allies. We'll also show you how to get the most impact from the items you choose.

Corporate Logo Shops: Increase Brand Awareness and Good Will

Companies Like Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers and Disney have long recognized the value of the corporate logo shop. Logo shops help corporations create a sense of loyalty and pride by providing a retail outlet where staff members and customers can purchase attractive and exciting items featuring your company logo and identity. In addition to providing revenue, logo shops can dramatically increase brand awareness. IASpromotes.com has the expertise and experience to launch a new line of logo items or jump start an existing one. And we will help you select and develop logo shop product lines that capture and convey your corporate image and message.

Productivity Enhancement and Recognition Programs

You've put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into your company's productivity enhancement and employee recognition programs. IASpromotes.com puts the same level of commitment into finding just the right premiums to convey your good will. We will work with your company to develop meaningful reward and incentive programs including: safety, awards and performance programs that can grow and change with your marketing goals.

Convention and Conference Planning

Before you go to another convention, trade show or conference, consult with IASpromotes.com. We will provide you with all the materials you'll need to generate excitement and awareness at conferences and conventions. We can even suggest high impact giveaways, signage, awards and press programs. From press kits to attendee tote bags, IASpromotes.com has the products you need to establish a convention presence and stand out from your competition.

Fundraising Premiums

With the right premiums and award levels, nonprofit organizations can realize tremendous fundraising success. IASpromotes.com works closely with nonprofit groups and fundraising organizations to increase giving levels and promote long- term relationships with contributors.