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Top Promotional Products for Bars, Pubs, and Taverns

Bars, pubs, and taverns are one of the most fun establishments to promote. The lively atmosphere and excitable spirit of the business practically advertises itself. The truth is though, even with all the appealing factors bars have in their favor, these establishments do not actually advertise themselves. Marketing for bars takes a lot of work and dedication. But the good news is, customized promotional products are here to help!

Utilizing ad specialty items can be a great way to create a certain image for your bar, to earn your business name, location, hours, et cetera, more exposure, and to make the experience even more enjoyable for patrons. Not to mention that alcohol and free stuff are a classic and highly appreciated pairing. Promoting your bar with imprinted giveaways guarantees return patrons. It's a simple fact: everyone returns to bars that give them free specialty items.

When it comes to personalized promo items. . . what's our advice? Have fun! You're a bar! Your whole purpose is to be fun! Go crazy! People will accept the wackiest, zaniest, most off-the-wall promo products at bars. Patrons expect logoed items that don't totally make sense! But remember: it's not all fun, jokes, and craziness. Don't forget to imprint your bar name, tagline, and logo, as well as other pertinent information, on every promo item your order. Patrons pay attention to these advertising specialties and a positive custom product can do wonders for marketing your bar.

Of course, bars have the classic niche of bar and alcohol related promotional merchandise. Custom-printed pint and shot glasses always advertise wonderfully, especially paired with other marketing initiatives such as themed nights or activities. Creating a story for promotional products always increases they're advertising power. If a patron can tell his friends about the time he won a customized bottle opener .

Custom Imprinted Promotional Pint Glass Custom Imprinted Shot Glass Custom Imprinted Bottle Opener

Imprinted full color coasters and custom-labeled straws are dual-purpose ad specialty items. These promo products are excellent because they are useful in your bar, but then your customers can also bring them home and use them again. Both of these promotional products are sure to be noticed, creating high value advertisement over and over again. Customized table tents are great places for you to not only advertise your business, but also relate valuable information such as specials, activities, and menu options.

Imprinted Full Color Coasters Custom Imprinted Promotional Straws Customized Promo Table Tents

But our favorite customized promotional products are the specialty items that are sure to get your logo out of the bar and into the street, the cab, the kitchen, or the next club. If you sell growlers, this imprinted growler cover is a must! This logoed cover is made out of wetsuit material. Need we say more? And this customized coloring book will be the hit of any promotional event at your bar! Show your humorous side while still promoting healthy drinking habits. And these logoed wrist bands will ensure for your bar repeated brand exposure and high traffic for your business name. Or consider these four-color imprinted matchesBar patrons always appreciate a good box of matches.

Customized Ad Specialty Growler Cover Promomotional Ad Specialty Coloring Book Specialty Printed Snap Bracelet Specialty Four-Color Match Box

No matter your marketing initiative, your advertising goals, or your business strategy, you're sure to find these promotional items both useful and valuable. With customization and imprinting, you can make these ad specialty items say whatever you want them to about your bar. Don't underestimate the power of logoed promo products. These giveaways can be the difference between a good night and a GREAT night.

By Bill Litton