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Imprinted Gifts and Giveaways for Colleges and Universities

Competition is fierce among colleges and universities in today's markets. Striving for the best test scores, graduation rates, funding, and alumni achievements can become dizzying. The slightest margin can make a significant impact on enrollment and donations. Sometimes simply how you brand, market, and advertise your university can be enough to push you to the top. Promotional products are incredible for building student, faculty, and alumni support, as well as creating and supporting a specific image for your university. Custom imprinted products make great gifts and giveaways that advertise your college while also supporting student loyalty, pride, and desire to reciprocate.

For colleges and universities, the most important factor is the student experience. Students that are happy perform better in the classroom, are more active on campus, and are more committed to their school post-graduation. Students who are proud to attend or to have graduated from your college or university are the best sales people a school could hope for. Nothing incentivizes students and helps create pride for their school better than imprinted giveaways. These customized gifts create a feeling of community among students and graduates, reinforcing your college's image while binding students together. Ad specialty products create an important atmosphere of inclusion on a university's campus.

Not to mention, after students graduate, screened or embroidered gifts extend that feeling of inclusion beyond your university's walls and into alumni's homes, forever connecting them to their alma mater. Specialty printed gifts greatly increase alumni's likelihood of making a donation or otherwise supporting their university. Beyond simply reminding alumni of their connection and commitment to your college, people also generally feel the desire to reciprocate when they are given a custom product for nothing.

Below are a few suggestions from the many ad specialty items that we offer for universities and colleges. These products function well as gifts or giveaways for students and alumni. Imprinted promotional products build unity, excitement, and dedication while also supporting your school's brand, image, and marketing goals.

Custom imprinted Sweatshirt

Ad Specialty Sweatshirt

No other single imprinted product creates a feeling of community better than the customized sweatshirt. Around campus, name repetition reminds your students that they all attend the same school and are therefore part of a singular and welcoming group. In the rest of the world, these promotional sweatshirts bind alumni, advertise your school, and expand your influence far beyond your campus. This promotional product is incredibly powerful in its profound simplicity and ubiquity.

Promotional Full Color Laptop Case

Full Color Promo Computer Rucksack

This Computer Rucksack includes a large main compartment with drawstring closure and a 15 inch laptop sleeve. Added features like adjustable plastic buckles, zippered front pocket, webbing top grab handle and adjustable backpack straps give this rucksack an instant upgrade advertising including full color printing. In today's culture, nearly every student owns a personal laptop. Help your students' keep their biggest investment safe with this customized computer backpack.

4 Color Process FolderEnvironmentally Friendly Notebook

Four Color Process Folder and Eco-Friendly Notebook

Sometimes the best way to advertise your university and increase your school's notice is to distribute promotional products that exactly fit into the academic atmosphere of the university. Imprinted folders and ad specialty notebooks are the perfect promotional items to achieve such a goal. Made from recycled paper, these notebooks are a particular favorite for college's trying to increase their green image.

Personalized Promo Travel Mug

Custom-Labeled Ceramic Cup with Silicone Lid

What's the most important thing in your students' lives? Coffee! Most students only function with their daily boost of caffeine. Help vitalize an eco-conscious community on your campus with these reusable mugs for coffee or tea while also guaranteeing daily exposure for your name and image, which reinforces your school's identity among students, alumni, faculty, and strangers! Coffee mugs are one of the most frequently used ad specialties available. Be sure to take advantage of their marketing power for your college.

Personalized Pro Flyer

Personalized Pro Flyer

We all know that students don't attend college solely for the academic environment. Encourage your students to get out and play, as well, with these customized Pro 117 gram frisbees. Students who take time to relax are proven to perform better in their studies, and colleges that create a fun and active environment are proven to be recollected by alumni more favorably. This Pro Flyer is a win-win for both causes!

Imprinted Key Tag

Custom-Printed Key Tag

No better way to welcome freshman to your college than by handing them their new set of keys to their dorm room, attached to a key tag imprinted with their new university's name and emblem. This logoed key tag will stay with your students from the first day of freshman to the last day of senior year, supporting your college the entire time. Numerous times a day they'll see your image and be so happy this is the school that they attend.

Imprinted USB Drive

Imprinted 4GB USB Drive

Students traverse from their home computers to their laptops to the library or other university's computers, working on papers or other assignments incessantly. Moving your data, files, and information from one location to another can be frustrating and confusing. Helping you students' daily lives helps build loyalty for your college or university. Effort you put in now can have gigantic payoffs from supportive alumni in the future.

Imprinted Weekly Planner

Debossed Weekly Planner

For most students, the chaos of life on campus feels barely manageable on good days! Agendas become packed and many days, around 3pm, students realize they have three obligations scheduled for 4 pm! Students with well-managed time are more productive, perform better in classes, and have an overall more positive experience while attending school. Some promotional items, such as an imprinted datebook, can have a massive effect on a student's quality of life.