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Helpful Hints for Making the most of Your Promotional Products Budget

Imprinted with your logo, tagline, business name, and other pertinent information, promotional products have been proven to be the most effective use of any business's advertising budget. Although promotional items can be very similar, not all imprinted products will perform equally for your marketing campaign. A good promotional product will be a helpful boost for your advertising initiative; a great promotional item can change the face of your business and have customers flocking to you in droves!

What's the difference between a good promotional item and a great one? Your marketing campaign and advertising goals. There are a number of factors that affect the response your customized gift or giveaway will receive. In order to take full advantage of the power of logoed products, you must consider what your marketing goals are and what promotional items will provide the best combination of the various important factors.

Below we've listed the five advertisement factors that play the biggest role in creating a successful marketing campaign fully utilizing promotional merchandise. Think about what you are hoping to achieve from your marketing efforts. Products that perform incredibly well for one company may show only fairly positive results for another company. The most important aspect to remember when ordering customized ad specialties is that the products ought to reflect you and your company as truthfully and completely as possible.

  • Message

    What are you hoping to convey to your customers or potential clients with your imprinted gift or giveaway? Perhaps your goal is to announce or create excitement for a new product or service. Or maybe you want to show your appreciation for your customers or perhaps only a few key business partners. If your marketing event or larger campaign has a theme, be sure that the promotional products you choose fit into that theme. When customized items visually align with the rest of your marketing message, consumers are proven to retain the pertinent details longer and more fully. Below are three examples of promotional products that create very different messages and would be appropriate for very different advertising themes.

Optical Crystal Apple Paperweight

Diving Minnow Lure

Zen Aromatherapy gift set

  • Perceived-Value

    A simple fact: people are more impressed by items that appear to be of a high value. This is true of promotional products, as well! Of course, we all have to be careful with our advertising budgets when considering our next tradeshow or expo. Luckily, there a number of promotional products sold at a low price point for business advertisement, but appear to customers as high-value products. Impressive promotional products always attract more notice, and therefore, perform better at distributing your logo and tagline, as well as drawing attention toward your important business information. Below are three examples of promotional products with incredibly high perceived-values.

Brass-Capped Ballpoint and Rollerball Pen Set in Elegant Tin Box
As Low As $12.20

Dover Crystal Vase
As Low As $13.00

Wine Serving Set in Rubberized Wine Bottle Case
As Low As $7.50

  • Full Color Printing

    The aim of any logoed product is to attract attention and ensure that consumers actually pay attention to your imprinted business information. There are a number of printing processes available; however, we highly recommend that our clients take advantage of the power of full color printing. No other printing process allows you full capabilities to represent your business and display your pertinent information. Clients' eyes are also naturally drawn to full color images compared to black and white or single color, simply because the eye is drawn to interesting elements. Not to mention that full color printing creates a higher perceived-value! To find out more about the various full color printing options and their merits, consider the information on our full color printing page.

  • Distribution

    Depending on your distribution method, different promotional products will work more or less effectively. Will your advertisement specialties be distributed from a booth or a table at a tradeshow, expo, or community event? Are you employing a direct mail campaign? Will your customized giveaways be distributed as gifts or prizes? Different promotional items are better suited for varying distribution techniques.

    Trying to mail a bulky imprinted product will only dent your wallet in shipping costs and may create unwanted hassle for your customers. However, we do always recommend that you ship promotional items in a small box for a direct mail campaign. Boxes create a higher perceived-value than do envelopes.

  • You!

    Most importantly, be sure that your promotional giveaways truly reflect you and your company. Is your business silly, free-spirited, and tons of fun? Or is your company more serious and focused? Potential clients look to your promotional items as a way to get to know you and understand what your business is all about. Be sure that your logoed items accurately reflect your business. Nothing sells you to your customers better than showing who you truly are! Promotional products have the power to do just that!