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Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Under One Dollar

In today's world, being green is a must. Not just for the good of our planet, but also for good business. Now days, many customers only interact with companies that are doing their part to be sustainable. Unfortunately, many businesses are under the misconception that being eco-friendly means spending a lot of money. That doesn't have to be the case, though!

When it comes to promotional products, you can be earth-friendly and thrifty! There are so many incredible custom-printed promo giveaways that will leave your pockets full after the order is complete and still have an incredibly positive impact on our planet.

Not to mention on your sales. Showing your customers that you have a commitment to being earth-friendly and eco-conscious can do wonders for your business. Eco ad specialties don't only appeal to hippies and activists any longer. Now, most consumers expect to see a corporate commitment to the environment, and displaying that commitment through your personalized giveaways can promote your business with more power than just your logo alone.

We've compiled a list of our twenty favorite ecofriendly promotional products, each priced so that five hundred or more promotional items can be ordered for less than one dollar per item. Our list is filled with a range of ad specialty options and they are green in a variety of ways. With so many eco promotional products available, we wanted to show you all the different ways your custom-labeled merchandise can have a positive impact on the planet.

Remember, this is just a selection of our favorites. We offer thousands more environmentally conscious products on our Eco-Friendly Promotional Merchandise Page. The customized products on this page are not only wonderful for promoting your business, and that $1 price point feels pretty good, too!

  • Eco Friendly Promotional Chip Clip

    4 Inch Logoed Chip Clip

    These eco-friendly promotional chip clips specifically in the black, navy and dark green colors are made from 95% post industrial home recycled material. These promo clips also happen to be our best selling chip clip! There must be a reason these ad specialty items are so highly popular. It's because of the large imprint size, the frequent use, and the earth-friendly construction! Everything about this promotional product guarantees that your logo and tagline will be noticed over and over again for a lifetime!

  • Custom imprinted promotional coasters

    Customized Imprinted Coasters

    Promotional coasters are a wonderful way to ensure high-traffic brand notice. Distribute these ad specialty coasters to your customers and guarantee that your logo will be sitting out on every coffee table at their next soirée. These customized coasters are made out of recycled US currency, recycled denim, recycled yellow pages, and recycled plastic.

  • Custom imprinted promotional carrot seed packet

    Personalized Organic Carrot Seed Packet

    Nothing says green like encouraging your clients to grow their own food. These promotional seed packets are filled with organic carrot seeds. These ad specialty carrot packets help cultivate a devotion to your brand by helping to cultivate the soil. Hand these custom-imprinted seed packets out at your next tradeshow; wait a few weeks, and see what grows.

  • Custom imprinted promotional bamboo pen

    Promotional Imprinted Bamboo Pen

    Custom imprinted ballpoint pens made from bamboo and recycled plastic. Bamboo is an incredibly renewable resource, which happens to be great for the environment but also great for crafting promotional products! Bamboo gives these promotional pens a subdued and natural look, setting them apart from the millions of other customized pens already in existence. These ad specialties come in a variety of tip colors, allowing you to personalize these eco pens to fit your brand style and marketing color-scheme.

  • Custom imprinted reusable shopping bag

    Custom-Labeled Reusable Grocery Bag

    Promotional reusable bags are all the rage these days. Jump in on the hugely popular trend with these 100% recyclable grocery tote bags. These lightweight imprinted bags come in handy for clients who are popping in to the store for just a few items. It is impressive how much brand recognition a single logoed bag can create for a company. Try distributing ad specialty bags at your next tradeshow and witness the incredible promotional power for yourself!

  • Custom imprinted promotional pig magnet

    Uniquely Shaped Promotional Magnet

    These flexible pig shaped magnets can be screened with your logo, brand name, and tagline, and will be sure to make an impression at your next marketing event. The cute shape draws more attention than traditional magnet styles, and the color is eye catching. These customized magnets are made right in the USA, which not only allows you to keep your money right here at home, but also decreases on shipping, fuel, and waste. Feel good distributing these logo imprinted magnets knowing that you're supporting your planet, your country, and your brand.

  • Ecofriendly imprinted promotional sports bottle

    Recycled Imprinted Sports Bottle

    These personalized water bottles are an incredible bang for your buck. They are molded with post-consumer, recycled HPDE, and they are also union made in the United States. And those are just their ecofriendly credentials! The standard bottle design has been proven throughout the ages to serves as an incredible marketing tool. Clients absolutely adore the logoed sports bottle. Even better, ad specialty sports bottles have a high perceived value for a low price point, making them perfect promotional giveaways.

  • Biodegradable promo golf tees

    Promotional Golf Pack with Tees and Ball Marker

    Golf is the most prevalent corporate exercise. So much business gets done on the course that it is always smart to carry some extra promotional golf items with you when you head out for 18. These imprinted golf tees make for incredible promotional giveaways. Made in America, these imprinted tees are packed with a ball marker inside a logoed matchbook cover. The entire promotional package, including the tees, is biodegradable. Tee off your next promotional marketing campaign with these eco-conscious promo golf items.

  • Custom Screenprinted Pencil

    Screen-printed Advertising #2 Pencil

    #2 pencils are the promotional standard in the marketing world. These promo pencils are a cut above the rest, though. Heat sensitive, this personalized pencil reveals an astounding swirl of colors when it is held. Add that to the fact that it is made from post-consumer material, and you've just found yourself an incredible promotional item.

  • Personalized full color process Promo lip balm

    Full Color Process Promotional Lip Balm

    These custom imprinted lip balm tubes are crafted from 35% post-industrial recycled materials. The tube is a plain white, allowing all the focus to be on your custom full color process label. Full color process allows you to let your imagination run wild and design the personalized marketing merchandise of your dreams. Lip balm lasts a long time and many people carry it everywhere, making this a promotional product that will advertise your brand far into the future.

  • Ecofriendly imprinted promotional Flyers

    Fun and Biodegradable Promo Flyers

    If you're looking for a fun promotional giveaway, perhaps for a big community event or a children's related marketing initiative, you've found the perfect promo merchandise! These personalized flyers will attract client notice as your logo soars through the air! Perfect ad specialty merchandise for company picnics or any outdoor promotional event, and even better that these promotional products are biodegradable!

  • Custom Screenprinted Advertisement Ice Scraper

    Screen-printed Recycled Ice Scraper

    For most of our nation's populace, it is mandatory to carry an ice scraper in the car at least 6 month of the year. Make that time count by using these logoed ice scrapers for your next promotional giveaways. No one will be more grateful to your company than when the first frost hits unexpectedly and they pull your promo scraper out of their trunk, allowing them to still get to work on time. These ad specialty items are entirely constructed from recycled materials. Customized ice scrapers are an unusual and highly appreciated promotional gift or giveaway.

  • Personalized Promo Football Fan

    Business Logoed Sports Fan

    Sports fans unite! These helmet-shaped fans are great for promoting your sports brand, or for taking advantage of the big game coming up. Whether your business is sports related or you're just riding the football wave, these promotional items are sure to attract attention. Made from 100% recyclable paper board. You can ask for much more from your promotional products than to have your clients literally waving your logo through the air.

  • Recycled Ecofriendly imprinted lanyard

    Earth-friendly Custom-imprinted Lanyard

    Lanyards offer an incredible opportunity to ensure that your staff is promoting your brand throughout any promotional event. Use them to clip nametags or other helpful information, and allow your company name or logo to radiate all day long. These promotional lanyards are thinner than regular lanyards, which means they waste less material but provide the same incredible advertising power.

  • Custom Screenprinted Advertisement Ruler

    Customized Promotional Ruler

    An infrequently considered promotional product, the ruler is useful in offices, schools, libraries, and studios alike. This eight-inch ruler is compact enough to travel, but long enough to be useful. Custom-imprint your logo in the center of this ad specialty ruler and allow your brand to frequently remind your customers how much you value doing business with them.

  • Key Tag Made from Recycled Tires

    Personalized Key Tag Made from Recycled Tires

    These unique promo key tags are made in the USA from 100% post-consumer tires. The pure black of the key tag ensures that your custom imprinted logo blazes from the center of the key ring. We love post-consumer tire products, as nothing else creates quite the same impressive look for your promotional merchandise.

  • Custom Printed Logoed Scratch Pag

    Recycled-Chipboard Logoed Scratch Pad

    Not many promotional products are as useful and frequently employed in the office as customized scratch pads. We're constantly jotting notes at our desks and there are few events more irritating than when you can't find a scrap of paper. Be sure that your clients always have a notepad available by distributing these recycled promotional products. These logoed notepads are printed in soy ink and attached to a sturdy backing made from recycled chipboard. These promo items are incredible giveaways for marketing outreach and in-office advertisement.

  • Rycled Materials Promotional Bike Plate

    Promotional Recycled Bike Plate

    Encourage biking and support the environment with these custom-logoed bicycle plates. This plate is made from recycled plastic. Available in several colors to pick from, have your company logo or message imprinted on the surface for brand exposure on the go.

  • Corn Ad Specialty Envelope Opener

    Promo Envelope Opener Made From Corn Plastic

    These imprinted letter openers are made in the USA from 100% U.S. corn plastic. Corn products not only help extricate us from foreign oil dependency, but they also help to support the industries of our nation. Corn plastic products are also compostable! Impress your customers with your commitment to the environment and provide them with a highly useful office promo item. Not many custom products promote your brand in so many ways at once.

  • Personalized Promotional Planter Set

    Personalized Promo Planter Set

    Get your brand recognition growing! These promotional planter kits provide your clients with everything they need to grow an attractive houseplant. The imprinted terra cotta colored planter comes with seeds, soil disks, and instruction. Even the novice planter will be amazed how easy it is to grow flowers and herbs. Attract attention with this unusual promotional giveaway that guarantees your clients will be talking about your personalized gift and your company for the entire growing season!