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Promotional Gifts and Giveaways for Real Estate Agents

For real estate agents, utilizing promotional products can be fun, easy, and highly effective! There is an abundance of real estate themed promotional products on the market. You just have to know where to look to find them. Lucky for you, we've put together this list of our favorite ad specialty items for real estate agents to market their business and promote their services. There are a number of creative promotional items that will attract notice simply because they are outside the norm of promotional products. Classic promotional items have become classics because they have been proven to be highly effective. There are a number of these more classic logoed promotional products on our list to. So you have the freedom to choose what type of customized ad specialty item suits your advertising goals best.

The best promotional products advertise for your company by reminding customers and potential clients of your services in more ways than just by your name and logo. You'll see that all of the items we've picked are house-shaped. Appropriate imagery creates instant brand recognition and service comprehension. These promo products go one step further, though. In various ways these products would all be useful during or after the purchase of a new home. Promotional products that relate to your services in so many ways are guaranteed to be the most effective marketing items. Not only do these ad specialties immediately draw a connection between the product and your services, but they also create for you, the real estate agent, an image of compassion, loyalty, and helpfulness.

Promotional products help advertise your business by attracting new clients, but also by showing appreciation for those whom are already your clients. Distribute these imprinted ad specialties at tradeshows, expos, or community events in order to increase brand recognition and attract new clients. These same promotional products work well as house warming gifts for clients who have just purchased a new home. Customized giveaways show clients that even after sales are over, you still care about them. Helping to create a lasting positive impression, promotional products market your brand through positive reviews and word of mouth. Clients love telling their friends about real estate agents who have provided an extremely positive experience during this potentially difficult and stressful event. Promo products help get people talking.

Custom Laser-Imprinted Key Tag No better way to present your clients with their new keys than attached to this laser-engraved key chain. These chrome metal logoed key tags have a highly professional and classy appearance. Shaped as a house, attached to new house keys, your clients will always remember, with appreciation, who helped them buy their new home.
Ad Specialty Fly Swatter Made in the USA, this logo hot-stamped fly swatter is a perfect symbol for showing your ability to get rid of pesky annoyances that can arise during the purchase of a new home. Like swatting flies, you'll handle the confusing details so your clients never even know about them! Simple promotional products can say the most about your services.
Logoed and Molded Chocolate Chocolate attracts attention better than any other product on the market. These custom molded and imprinted house-shaped chocolates are sure to create a buzz at any marketing event. These promotional gifts are always a sweet way to celebrate the purchase of a new home. Even better, these logoed treats are made in the USA!
Customized Promo Clock This elegant customized clock is an impressive way to thank clients and to welcome them into their new homes. Perched upon the mantle or an end table, this imprinted clock creates a lifetime of notice and is an incredible conversation started. Clients will be excited to tell guests about their home buying experience and recommend your services.
Imprinted Memo Holder Sometimes, the best way to advertise your business is to move your promotional products from the house to the office. Even when not work related, people tend to make big decisions within their offices. Ensure that while potential clients are at their desks, your services are always on their minds with these ad specialty memo holders.
Ad Specialty Tool Kit Key Tag Home buying inevitably comes with home adjustments. This custom-labeled tool kit reminds customers of your services while also helping them make their new house into a home. Comes with two reversible flat head/Philips bits. Helping around the house shows that you're there for your clients long after the sale is complete.
Logoed Measuring Tape Key Tag Continue the home repair theme with this logoed measuring tape. Every homebuyer needs a measuring tape for minor alterations, furniture organization, picture hanging, et cetera. Show that you understand the entire experience of buying a home by distributing giveaways that your clients will need once they begin moving in.
Customized Promotional Dental Pencil Imprinted with your logo and business name, this promotional thermometer displays current temperatures along with the day's high and low temperatures. Equipped with a suction cup, this house-shaped thermometer is perfect for window fixtures. Give your clients the information they need to start each day in their new homes right.
Specialty Imprinted Picture Frame This house-shaped imprinted picture frame is a perfect symbol for showing your ability to get rid of pesky annoyances that can arise during the purchase of a new home. Like swatting flies, you'll handle the confusing details so your clients never even know about them! Simple promotional products can say the most about your services.
Custom-Labeled Promo Toothpick Case This unique matchbox catches the attention of everyone who sees it. With its large imprint, this full-color off-set lithography matchbox ensures incredible advertisement for your real estate business. The image combined with the unique house shape of the matchbox makes this promo product wonderful for your next marketing campaign!
By Bill Litton