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Promotional Product Ideas for Dry Cleaners

Competition is fierce in the dry cleaning business. Many business owners make the mistake of believing that customer loyalty is purely based upon location. The closer a dry cleaner is to one's home or office dictates where one has garments cleaned. Although important, location is certainly not the only factor that decides customers' dry cleaner of choice. A smiling face, a friendly atmosphere, and a caring staff can bring customers back again and again even when the location may not be quite as convenient. Nothing helps to create a warming atmosphere better than custom-imprinted promotional giveaways!

The trick to exceptional promotional merchandise is to have your custom gifts make your customers think of you just at the moment when they need you most. Therefore, screened or imprinted ad specialty items that are clothing, laundry, or cleaning related will be the most effective marketing tools for dry cleaners. When clothes are dirty, ensure that your business, name, and logo are the first that your customers think of. Ad specialties make sure you're at the forefront of your customers' minds.

It's been proven that customers will ignore factors such as distance when choosing service vendors if those customers have developed a feeling of loyalty for one business in particular. When clients receive ad specialty items, a reciprocal relationship is formed which fosters strong bonds and loyal customers. In other words, when you give your clients useful promotional products, they will be more inclined to give back to you. A small investment in quality promotional products creates a big payoff in the future.

Take advantage of the incredible advertising power of promotional products. Distribute logoed ad specialties and sit back and watch the customers come to you. Over and over and over again!

Promotional Clothes Hangers Ad Specialty LED Closet Light Custom Imprinted Garment Bag

Nothing is more central to the dry cleaning business than the closet. Help your customers keep their closets organized and accessible with customized giveaways and they will appreciate your services for a lifetime. Send each piece of clothing home hung on a screen-printed specialty hanger. Even after the garments leave your business, these custom car hangers will continue to advertise your services within your customers' homes. Judging from some of your customers' clothes, we're sure you can only imagine the state their closets must be in! Help them organize and manage their closet space with this imprinted LED closet light. And for the particularly nice items, keep your customers' clothes clean and wrinkle-free by providing silkscreened garment bags as your next promotional giveaway.

Imprinted Travel Sewing Kit Imprinted Measuring Tap Customized Laundry Bag

Speaking of helping your customers, distributing useful promotional products is always a smart ad campaign. Custom-labeled sewing kits and measuring tapes allow your customers to make minor adjustments at home. Of course, with these specialty items, your logo and business will be there to oversee the whole operation. This reminds your customers that if there is a problem that is beyond them, they know that you're always waiting to save the day. Consider sending home new customers' clothes in this customized laundry bag. Laundry bags are great for thanking new customers, advertising your business, and guaranteeing lasting brand exposure.

Customized Ad Specialty Lint Brush Imprinted Custom Stain Remover Promo Ad Specialty Key Tag

If you're looking for promotional products that will get out of the house and advertise to new potential customers, these pocket-sized logoed lint brushes and imprinted stain removers are just what you're looking for! These are sure to be carried in pockets, purses, and handbags all over town, marketing your business every second of the day. Not to mention how much clients will appreciate both of the ad specialty products. And this full-color hanger key tag will do wonders for your advertising. Not only does it remind your customers to grab their clothes as they rush out of the house, but it also promotes your brand anywhere your clients' keys go. They best part is that union workers make these custom key tags in the USA!

By Bill Litton