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Case Study: Custom Printed Products for Water Conservation

A water company created a promotional rebranding campaign entitled "DC Water Cares". Throughout the summer DC Water was planning to make a concerted effort to increase community interaction and gain recognition for their environmentally-friendly nature.

From May through September the water company was participating in a number of community events and needed promo giveaways to distribute at these events. They were interested in products that were, foremost, eco-friendly themselves. Of course, they couldn't promote themselves as environmentally conscious with promotional merchandise that was not.

In particular, DC Water was focusing on water conservation efforts that summer. They were hoping to distribute specialty items that would both promote and brand their company, as well as helping to disseminate useful tips and advice about water conservation to community members.


When IASpromotes.com was engaged in the promotional campaign, it became clear that one promo product just couldn't serve their mission completely. The water company decided on a dual-pronged approach. First, they were interested in custom printed lanyards, made from certified organic cotton. The straps of the lanyards were printed with their website and tagline "Water is Life".

Recycled DC

The lanyards wonderfully served the purpose of creating awareness for their campaign. However, alone they couldn't say everything the company wanted. So the water company also decided on customized jar openers constructed entirely from recycled tires. These promotional items were exciting and unique, as well as simultaneously eye-catching and utile. The jar openers were printed with the company's name and contact information. They also included a water conservation tip for homeowners as well as the friendly reminder "DC Water Cares".

Recycled Tire Jar Opener


The company ordered 1000 of each promotional product, which were distributed at community events. By the end of the summer, employees dispatched to water waste related issues were down 20%. Water bills in the community were lowered an average of $1.10 per month. In a poll conducted among water customers during the following fall, many customers cited increased awareness of water wastage due to the promotional products, particularly the jar openers.

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