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Case Study: Custom Printed First Aid Kids

A mining company was hosting their annual Stay Healthy Month in order to promote a company-wide commitment to safety. They were interested in an ad specialty giveaway for employees that reinforced their campaign.

The company wanted to provide a small promotional item to each of their 400 staff members. They desired a custom-printed product that simultaneously acted as a promo gift, but also contributed to their message of staying safe and healthy. They had a price point of $4.00 or less per item.


The First Aid Kits were the perfect promotional item to fit the company's objectives and price point. The kits were screen-printed with the company's name, logo, and “Stay Healthy Month”. Inside the zippered pouch, employees found a number of health and safety items including Band-Aids, bandages, and antibiotic ointment. At $3.50, the promo First Aid kits were within the customer's budget, as well.

Mining Safety Kit


The customized promotional first aid kits were handed out to all employees on the first day of Stay Healthy Month. Throughout the month employee accidents were decreased by 75% and employees cited an increased awareness of health and safety issues to be a major factor in the decrease. The company considered Stay Healthy Month a success, and the First Aid kits an influential piece of that success.

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By Bill Litton