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Promotional Product Ideas for Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs

Promoting your gym, health club, or fitness center has never been easier! Bulk up your registration of new clients by enticing them with customized promotional products! Incentivize existing customers to reregister with logo imprinted giveaways! With personalized promotional products, your gym will wrestle competitors to the mat!

Promotional products do more than just advertise your business and create incentives for customers to come through your door, though. The promotional items you choose tell a story about your health club. What types of activities does your health club focus on? Does your health club encourage a variety of exercise training programs? Is your gym aimed mostly toward one gender or age group? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions; however, your answers ought to influence which ad specialty items your choose for your next promotional marketing campaign.

Custom-labeled merchandise also helps take the fitness and health regiments your clients have built inside the gym and continue them in the home or the office. Exercise promotional products are unique in that, of course, they market your business, but they also help build strength and keep your clients healthy and active even when they are away from your establishment. In essence, these customized products help achieve the goals of your business even when clients aren't actually at your business. Such useful promo products build a strong relationship with customers and create an impressively positive image for your gym, health club, or fitness center.

So that your customers can create gym-like workouts in their own homes, exercise-related promotional products are an incredible way to guarantee that your clients don't slacken on their commitments when they leave your gym. These custom items also encourage your clients to be healthy twenty-four hours a day. Imprinted jump ropes and personalized resistance bands ensure that your clients will continue their training. These promotional products are easy to use in ones house, a park, or other recreational locations. To guarantee that your clients are continuing their stretching regiment, consider distributing some of these health and wellness products or custom-screened yoga mats at your next promotional event.

Promotional imprinted Jump Rope Ad Specialty Custom Resistance Band Custom Imprinted Exercise Ball Promo Screened Yoga Mat

Many clients who are concerned about their health consider office time to be one of the biggest detriments to the healthy lifestyle they want to live. Specialty branded products can help make small differences in your clients' lives outside of the gym. Distribute these ad specialty hand exercisers, or their more extreme version, the customized resistive metal exerciser. These promo items help build strength, keep exercise on the mind, and keep your clients active within the stagnant setting of an office. The imprinted stress reliever even includes a massager! Custom pedometershelp keep fitness and healthy lifestyle choices on the mind. Encourage your clients to walk to and from work!

Imprinted Stress Reliever Hand Exerciser Imprinted Resistive Metal Exerciser Customized Pedometer

Speaking of workouts inside your fitness center, don't forget about the abundance of promotional options for items that will be useful within your gym. Getting to the gym? This imprinted sports bag will carry all your clients' necessary items! Thirsty? Dehydration is a serious concern. Equip your clients with eco-friendly branded water bottles to ensure that they stay hydrated during all their physical activities. Sweaty? Imprinted sweatbands! This custom-knit wristband is made right here in the United States. And the 2-inch heavyweight headband is embroidered with your name and logo to create an everlasting ad specialty item (also made in the USA!).

Customized Ad Specialty Backpack Imprinted Sports Bottle Promo Ad Specialty Wrist band Promotional Custom Headband

Promotional products for your gym, fitness center, or health club do more than just advertise your business. They create a personal connection with your clients as well as encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle that radiates far beyond your walls. Clients appreciate a fitness center that feels like it is actively watching out for them and helping them the whole way. Custom promotional items create just such a feeling, keeping your customers healthy and building your brand.