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Great Custom Promotional Products for Beach, Lake, or Waterfront Event

It's June. The temperature is high and is only going to keep rising. There's only one thing on everyone's mind: the beach! That's why if you are planning any promotional giveaways, personalized employee or client thank-you's, or tradeshow promotions during the summer months, it is always a great idea to consider custom-printing beach-themed items. When it's hot, you can make a sure bet that nearly all your customers, employees, and vendors are scampering out to the sand and the water every weekend. Make sure they're bringing your logo with them!

IASpromotes.com knows that you want to get out to the beach, too! Don't waste your time wading through all of the amazing outdoor promotional products we offer when you could be wading in the waves instead. We've put together our ten favorite beach, lake, or waterfront custom promo items for you! Whether you're looking for an impressively eye-catching thank you for a select group, or for some smaller ad specialty items to hand out at your next expo, there will be promotional products on our list that will certainly suit your corporate needs.

  • 4 color imprinted beach towel

    4-Color Imprinted promotional Beach Towel

    The classic. The tried and true. The most necessary beach item around. Everyone needs a towel and nobody can have too many towels. That's what makes the beach towel the perfect promotional product - you're literally just sending you brand off to bask in the sun! Not many imprinted specialty items provide this much brand exposure for such an incredibly low price point.

  • Custom imprinted promotional beach ball

    Customized Classic Beach Ball

    For the kids, for the adults - everyone loves to bat the beach ball around in the sand! Your logo will be the life of the party when your clients bring your custom-printed beach ball with them on the next waterfront vacation.

  • Custom imprinted promotional cooler and grill

    Personalized Grill/Cooler Combo

    This is IASpromotes's unqualified favorite! What two items are absolutely necessary for a successful day at the beach? The cooler and the grill! So put them together, imprint it with your logo, tagline, and corporate image, and send it off to those special people you really want to impress. And trust us, they will be impressed!

  • Custom imprinted promotional beach chair

    Custom Labeled Beach Chair

    We just think this is the perfect beach chair. It reclines. It's cushioned. It folds into itself and has a strap sewn on for easy transport. It's lightweight. What more could you want in your promotional outdoor merchandise? Your customers or corporate partners will all be ecstatic to use this, and the best part is, your logo will be advertising for you the whole time your customers are reclining!

  • Custom imprinted promotional beach umbrella

    Promotional Imprinted Beach Umbrella

    Hard to believe, right? But sometimes the beach is actually too sunny! However, it is not the usefulness of this product that is so amazing; what's amazing is how incredibly well this promotional umbrella advertises your brand! Beach-goers will see your logo brightly standing out on the beach whether they are deep in the water or reclining comfortably on the sand. This ad specialty umbrella is about as close as you can come to hoisting up a flag emblazoned with your logo and claiming the beach for your company!

  • Custom imprinted promotional sun hat

    Custom Branded Sun Hat

    If you're in the market for truly unique ad specialty merchandise, look no further than this custom imprinted hat! Make every trip to the beach a day in the shade! Your clientele will be sure to appreciate this fun-spirited promotional item, and it will be sure to grab the attention of anyone the hat-wearer passes. Show how much fun your company is with this exciting imprinted hat!

  • Custom imprinted promotional Picnic Basket

    Personalized Specialty Picnic Basket

    You can't have a day at the beach without a picnic on the sand. Every client, employee, or gift recipient will appreciate this complete picnic set, embroidered with your brand name and tagline. We all know packing for the beach can be a hassle, so make your customers' lives a little easier by providing all the lunchtime necessities in one place. This is a special promo product that advertises your company while also showing your clientele how much you care.

  • Recycled Ecofriendly imprinted promotional Sunglasses

    Earth-friendly Recycled Promo Sunglasses

    Who ever tried to say that fashion and advertisement can't go hand in hand? Yes, these sunglasses look great, but even more importantly, they're personalized with your slogan or company name. They're not all looks, though. They have all the necessary UV protection to keep you customers safe. Why do we really love them though? They're made from recycled material! That means your next corporate advertising campaign can be an earth-friendly one! And at a wonderful price point, you can afford to hand these out at your next tradeshow or for your next promotional giveaway.

  • Custom Screenprinted Advertisement Kite

    Screen-printed Advertising Kite

    For most of your customers, a day at the beach probably means a day letting the kids run free. Sometimes the water just isn't entertaining enough for the high-energy children in your clients' lives. Help your customers out by distributing these imprinted promotional kites at your next expo. Keep the kids occupied, but also allow your brand to literally soar through the sky where all the other sunbathers will see your logo drifting above them! Kites are truly an incredible marketing strategy.

  • Personalized One color printed Promo BBQ Set

    Corporate Logoed BBQ Set

    Low price point, high value! Everyone loves to barbecue on the beach, but how many of us have burned our hands or melted the plastic spoons trying to flip the burgers? Custom printed BBQ utensils make everyone's life easier! With their professional look and reasonable price point, these are corporate gifts that both you and your customers will love. Personalized with your company name and logo, these utensils will provide brand exposure for many, many summers to come!

By Bill Litton